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"Creating makes me feel alive," said Antongiorgi. "It forces me to be reflective and look inward and I take that energy and share it with the audience. I was brought up in a musical family and performed weekly at church. I started writing music and performing at a very young age.”

About Elevating Humanity

Our desire to connect is stronger than ever. 

This exhibition highlights and connects two of Sandra’s painted series: The Caged Rooster and Gestalt Series. 

The Caged Rooster series captures the humanity of people who have been incarcerated and criminalized while the Gestalt Series depicts the complexities of the human experience, alluding to our biological drive toward connection and healing. Together, this collection allows viewers to reckon with our shared legacy of inhumanity and invites people to connect with individuals most marginalized by systems of oppression. We are encouraged to connect with our own humanity–and with that of people who are often hidden away–to lead us to the healing that we seek.

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If you are visiting Saugatuck this Summer, please feel free to walk over and take a look at this exhibition. If you live outside of our area and are practicing important social distancing measures, you can now explore Sandras’s work virtually!

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