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"Painting and drawing felt like a natural next step. I indulged and quickly developed my love of and aptitude for visual arts in high school. I have always found such joy in expressing myself creatively. It is very satisfying. The medium is a tool for that expression."

Sandra Antongiorgi

About Sandra

An accomplished singer, songwriter and post-disciplinary painter, Puerto Rican native Sandra Antongiorgi’s life experience in Chicago and inherent talent have weaved together to produce a diverse and impressive body of work in the arts.

Sandra launched a visual arts career at 15 years old, embracing a rare opportunity to study under illustrious and established muralists and artists. Her gifted use of paint and formation of concept has led to contributions to scores of murals dotting Chicago, a city known for the character and strength of its neighborhoods.


Launching a visual arts career in Chicago at the age of 15, Sandra Antongiorgi had the rare opportunity to study under renowned muralists and artists, including Keith Haring. Known primarily for her gifted use of paint, and formation of concept, Sandra has contributed to scores of murals that dot the Chicago cityscape.

Her work has been showcased in several museums and exhibitions, including The National Museum of Mexican Art, Zhou B Gallery and most recently a solo exhibit at Advocate & Gochis Galleries in Los Angeles and the Center on Halsted Gallery. Sandra has led and collaborated on many murals including, Weaving Cultures, which won the Chicago Readers, “Best Mural of 2017”. The mural is unique in that it features a transgender Latina, serves to bridge the gap between divided neighborhoods and honors underrepresented women of color.

One of her more recent mural collaborations, “The Love I Vibrate” is an inaugural mural honoring our non-binary community members. In 2018 “Es Tiempo de Recordar” a longstanding iconic mural in Chicago, also a collaboration, was whitewashed by the City, immediately launching Sandra into advocacy for the anti-erasure of murals, and pushing for a permanent public mural registry that would preserve and protect cultural murals in the City of Chicago. Subsequently, a registry is being established to catalogue and commemorate outdoor murals across the City of Chicago, and prevent complete removal or destruction.

As a studio artist, Sandra draws upon life experiences, power relationships, culture, boundaries, mysticism and spirituality. She explores the way in which social stigmatization is internalized, inhibiting the ability to see one’s abundant beauty and uses human biology to reveal the inherent splendor within each and every one of us. Sandra is dedicated to recognizing and responding to suffering.  Her works expose the damage caused by family violence, incarceration and systematic marginalization. Sandra’s work delves deeply into those struggles normally hidden from view. She invites us to see where many turn a blind eye.

Experience Sandra’s Work

Sandra’s intention is to reveal the inherited beauty within each and every human and the miracles that make us whole. The SCA is proud to bring this influential and powerful work into the Saugatuck/Douglas/Fennville Community.

• Join Sandra and the SCA for a very special summer camp coming this summer, July 22, 1-4pm. Register HERE!
• Sandra is a featured artist in the ARTE:LATINO Contemporary Latino Art Creativity Takes Courage, July 15 – August 15 at the Fennville Public Library.
• GYA Mural Unveiling | Join us for our Growing Young Artist Mural Unveiling downtown Fennville behind Root Cafe, July 30th 6 – 7:30PM.
• July 31 at the Celebración de las Artes Applauding the Latino Culture, July 31 | 1PM Watch Sandra perform, followed by a meet Greet with Sandra and our Growing Young Artist Education Team downtown Fennville behind Root Cafe from 2 – 3:30PM.


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