Step into a world of boundless creativity and artistic expression as we proudly restore our exclusive membership program at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.

Nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, the SCA has long been a haven for both seasoned artists and burgeoning creatives alike. With our membership program, we invite you to embark on a journey of inspiration and artistic exploration with us.

Whether you’re interested in theater, concerts, camps and classes, or community engagement, our membership offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the deep culture that we bring to West Michigan.

Join us in celebrating the transformative power of the arts as we extend a warm invitation to become a valued member of our SCA family.

Annual Membership



Member-only presales for concerts + theater

Waitlist priority for concerts + theater

No ticket exchange fee

Early registration for free events

Recognition on our lobby monitors

Biannual ‘SCA Update’ email with exclusive information

Members-only gallery stroll once per exhibition with coffee and donuts

Education Membership



Free downloadable education to bring home

Member-only presales for camps + classes

Waitlist priority for camps + classes

Early registration for free events

Quarterly creative calendar mailer

Insider information on family-friendly events at the SCA

Members-only gallery stroll once per exhibition with coffee and donuts

Dual Membership



All household and education membership perks

Lifetime Membership



All household and education membership perks


Concierge ticketing assistance from the Box Office

Gift up to 4 memberships annually to friends + colleagues

Annual VIP cocktail reception for lifetime members at private residence

Reserved parking one day a year

Thank you to our Lifetime Members for their continued support and engagement with the SCA.

Mike Akey
Blanche and Richard Albrecht
Robyn Allison
Jeff Antaya and Peter Rosenfeld
Nicki and John Arendshorst
Meena and Paul Ariagno
Kristin Armstrong
Gina Armstrong
Mary Kay and Mark Baker
Tracy Baker and John Arundel
Guy Ballard and Richard Heriford
Bud Baty and Max Matteson
Pati and Mark Bekken
Claudia and John Berry
Vickie and Dan Bischoff
Catherine and Martin Blagdurn
David Blatt and David Moore
Joe Blodgett and Kevin Putnam
Gina and Kevin Bognar
Julie Bronsink and Ron Joostberns
Donna and Jim Brooks
George Brown
Duane Brown and Kevin Martin
Marsha and Stephen Burd
Mary Burnet and Daniel Fox
Marlo and Tom Byrne
John Cannarsa and Tim Straker
Victor Cardona and Phil Smith
Bob Carlson and Philip Craft
Cathy And Clark Carmichael
Jerry Carpency and Leonardo Gonzalez
Mark Chancey
David Cofield
Monty Collins, Jr. and Jerry Dark
Sandra and Ron Collins
Kimberly Cross and Brian Scieszka
Jessie and Ron Dalman
Mark Davis and Nathan Keag
Steve Debbink and Greg Plowe
Gwen and Jay DeBruyn
Roxanne Decyk and Lew Watts
Patricia Denner
Barb and Kris DePree
Patricia Dewey and Corwin Stoppel
Leslie and Stelios Dokianakis
Michael Doriean and Michael Hoffman
Laura and Melanie Durham
Beth Eckhardt and Joseph D’Ambrosio
Andrea and Ely Tama
Denise Englehart
Chris Eppel
Richard Ezgur and Brian Sutherby
Donna and Tom Farrington
Michelle and Bob Fish
Janie and James Flemming
Martin Fluhrer and John Williams
Rebecca and John Fulgoni
Ed Galka and Larry Holland
Bobbie Gaunt
David Geen and Bill Underdown
Marianne and Michael Giersch
Laura and Bob Godfrey
Mary and David Goldberg
Catherine and Robert Gordon
Beau Gratzer and Andy Knight
Kristen Gray and David De Block
Dana Greenwald and Suzanne Goldstein
Donna and David Grow
Richard Haenke and Dale Strange
Fred Hamlin
Sherie Hampshire and Daniel Sigler
Ross Hanley
Lori and Keith Hayward
Susan Heberling and Rick Haver
Dave Heilman and George Stoutin
Judy Hillman and Mike Van Meter
Beth Howley and John Armstrong
David Huber and Michael McManus
Tammy and J.C. Huizenga
James Hundrieser and Mike Wright
Katie and Troy James
Victoria and Gregory Janik
Jane Johnston
Carol and Greg Josefowicz
Sona Kalousdian and Ira Lawrence
Kimberly and Rob Kegley
Edward Kelly
Sarah and Murray Kessler
Nancy and Mark Kimble
Angela and Bob Knauss
Myra Knoblauch
Gary Kott and Jonathan Schreur
Penny Ladd
Joan and Frank Lamb
Kathy Legatski
Bridget and Dave Lemberg
Garnet Lewis and Vicky Cobb
Marcia and Richard Lievense
Krista Linn and Dominique Leonardi
Barb and John Ludlow
Priscilla and James Lynch
Kathleen Markland
Margie and Dave Mason
Pam and Joe Mauro
Margaret McDermott
Ginger and David McGinn
JoAnne and Chris Miller
Deb Minton and Terri Osborne
Mike Mok
Gregory Muncey
Pam and Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy and Michael Daley
Patti Nordhem and Carol Schmitt
Damion Ortega and Shawn Smith
Shelley Padnos and Carol Sarosik
Sue and Tony Pastor
Carol Peterson
Wally Petersen and Mike Tischleder
Kirbie Petersen and Brian Stephens
Vicki and Scott Phelps
Alan McPhail and Ferguson Porter
Adaire and Mark Putnam
Mary Ann Quick and David Colwell
Patsy and Randy Ramsey
Sandra and Travis Randolph
Susan Reck
Ellen and John Rensklev
Susie Richardson and Phillip Miller
Jennifer Roe
Kris and Art Rossof
Brian Schipper and Adam Way
Nancy Schmitt
Lucy and Bill Schmidt
Dawn Schumann
Jim Sellman
John Seros
Tracey Shafroth
Sandra and Dan Shanahan
Kathie and David Shellenbarger
Louise Silberman and Chris Galle
Daniel Silva and Alan Van Wieren
Edward Sisk
Debra Sikanas and Russell Radford
Chris Spencer
Kirsten and Gordon Stannis
Cynthia and Terry Stewart
James Steen and Tom Chesrown
Karine Stover and Jeff Rahmberg
Don Straube and Paul zur Nieden
Virginia Stuart
Shirley Sutton and Dick Shaw
Richard Talsma
Demetrhea Terrien and Betsy York
Mary Terzino and Gregg Potter
Judy Tobey and Mitch Golub
Rose-Marie Towle
Keith Walker
Lynne Watling
Marian Weber
Sally and Robert Weist
Sharrie and Wayne Wellman
Tom Wendel and Marian Nunn
Joan Wendland
Deb and Doug West
Shauna and Kevin Wilson
Christa and Herk Wise
Lisa and Tom Wylie
Renee Zita
Teresa and Richard Zweering