Oodles of Doodles

From cartooning and comic books to scribbles and shapes – explore how putting pencil to paper can make magical worlds come to life! Transform your flat doodles into 3D forms, design characters, and create a flip book!

August 13 + 14 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

About this Camp

Have fun drawing while exploring all kinds of styles, methods, and materials. From cartooning & comic books, to scribbles and shapes, explore how putting pencil to paper can make magical worlds come to life. Create flip books, design characters, and turn flat doodles into 3D forms in this 2-day camp dedicated to the art of drawing. Guest artist Brandon Ruiter joins us to share his tricks and techniques for creating amazing characters and stories. Sketchbooks provided or bring your favorite one from home and join us in the studio!

Guest Artists

Brandon Ruiter

When Brandon was very young he had drawn a cartoon dog by copying one that he thought looked cool. Someone saw it and commented “Wow Brandon, that’s really good!” That gave Brandon a good feeling. He’s been chasing that feeling ever since. After thousands of doodles in the margins of his papers and years of transforming his crazy imaginings into drawings, Brandon now gets that good feeling every time he draws, and when he sees other people’s drawings! His love for drawing and doodling has given him the opportunity to create characters for Nickelodeon, Atomic Cartoons and countless other clients around the world. His favorite things to doodle are fantastical creatures and crazy monsters.

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