What does play mean to you?

We believe that play is more than just fun – it’s a necessity that we all have to experience regularly in our lives in order to grow… in order to thrive.

Every year, we focus all of our programming on a single theme, and in 2024 we’re going to unpack what it means to play. All ages can benefit greatly from the impacts of playful moments- so we’re going to provide opportunities to create curiosity and develop the essential, life-giving aspect of creative play.

Let’s all play together – and reflect on how it intersects with art and the world of creativity.

Play is as basic as sleep and nutrition. It just doesn't necessarily produce the same outcomes as hunger or fatigue. But the need to play is there in all of us. And we all have deficits when we don’t experience it sufficiently.

Dr. Stuart L. Brown, MD

How can we cultivate
a sense of wonder in our daily lives?

What unexpected encounters with art can provide a glimmer of joy?

Play and creativity have been linked in numerous ways. Research tells us that central to both play and creativity is divergent thinking. Both cognitive and affective processes in play have been related to divergent thinking in children.

Can play facilitate creativity?  We’re here to prove that it can.

Throughout this year the SCA will help learners of all ages to improve their play skills, and inturn increase cognitive functioning, navigate stress with greater ease and fluidity, practice divergent thinking, reignite childlike exuberance, and laugh more often!

As always, our programming will revolve around the interesting, thought-provoking, and talented works of our exhibition artists and creative fellow.

Speaking of – this year we’re so excited to continue our tradition bringing a non-traditional artist to our campus for a year-long experience with our Creative Fellow program. We’ll be working with Julie Ganey, a Chicago-based storyteller, actor, writer, and teacher.

Pairing with Julie, throughout the year, our corridor will be filled with rotating works by Grand Rapids-based multidisciplinary artist Shannon Mack. In the gallery, we’ll be welcoming three waves of dynamic artists highlighting different ways and benefits of play. Next month, our gallery transforms into a fantastic, over-the-top, pageant with local multi-media artist Jeffrey Augustine Songco.

Looking ahead… summer will be spent with Ann Arbor artist Hannah Burr, whose show will dive into playful exploration of color, shape and form through mindfulness and everyday magic.

We’ll close out the 2024 year and launch us into 2025 with National gem and New York Times best-selling author Brad Montague.

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