Explore our innovative programming offerings for children, adults and families

Summer Programing

Let your children experience the JOY of creativity this summer!  Inspired by the lush lakeshore environment that surrounds the Art Center, all of our classes include experiment-based art projects, multidisciplinary learning, outdoor kinesthetic activities, and healthy snacks to keep both mind and body active and creative.

Growing Young Artists

Our Growing Young Artists (GYA) program interrupts students’ “at-risk trajectory” through creative educational experiences. This unique program augments core skills in literacy and language fluency, math and science. It also builds crucial social and emotional skills including problem-solving, collaboration, empathy, self-direction, and responsibility.


Creative Conversations for the Classroom introduces students to a wide range of professional creatives (and career paths) while also serving up engaging hands-on activities. Episodes include discussions with musicians, dancers, designers, visual artists and more. Our curriculum is designed for grades K-5 and grades 5-12.


The SCA has built a series of innovative educational programs for k-12th students that expose young people to important arts and cultural opportunities along with crucial project-based learning. Schools participate free of charge. In addition, we offer transportation funding to bus students to the SCA.