June 3 – Sept 6, 2024


NOW-ish is a celebration of basic aliveness created by Michigan-based contemporary artist Hannah Burr. This is a show for everybody. It wakes up objects and rediscovers them. It’s about what matters most to us as individuals, and noticing the sparkly underlayer beneath the most basic situations, in interior states, and in objects that you live with, interact with and see everyday.

The Exhibit

NOW-ish is a desire to exalt objects we take for granted, consume and discard. It’s a way of sorting what matters and investing mundane gestures with meaning. Burr’s projects are a way to shake off the shadows and to remember that it’s ok to be little, open and curious even in the midst of change and deep uncertainty.

The Artist

Contemporary artist Hannah Burr lives in Ann Arbor Michigan. In addition to visual art in a variety of media, Hannah is the author of five artist books about direct connection to inspiration and new ways of seeing and being in the world. She is a native of Boston, Massachusetts and a graduate of Brown University.

Related Programming

Creative hands-on programming is available for learners of all ages inspired by, and working with, artist Hannah Burr. Behind the scenes experiences, specially curated dinners with Hannah and Chef Mindy Trafman, and so much more is available this summer!

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