Our Team

Kristin Armstrong

Executive Director

Kurt Stamm

Artistic Director

Amber Krieg

Development Director

Whitney Valentine

Director of Education + Exhibitions

Maribeth Van Hecke

Producing Director of Theater + Performance

Teresa Zerfas

Hospitality + Rental Director

Megan Scheerhorn

Director of Marketing

Meg Shoup

Education Programs Manager

Megan Hodgin

Community Engagement + Operations Manager

Kevin MacLeod

Technical Director

Michael Gantt

Senior Director of Finance + Operations

Sue Poolman

Market Coordinator

Robert Antor

Creative Content Manager

Brandon Ruiter

Assistant Producer

Tim Jacobson

Facilities Manager

Dan Hoort

Box Office Manager

Will Donahue

Volunteer Coordinator

Laurie Marcie

Lead Bartender

Heather Litts

Lead Event Assistant