March 11th - March 29th

Children’s Film Festival

The Saugatuck Center for the Arts takes great pride in its 22-year tradition of bringing stories from around the world into the classroom through the power of film at the annual Children’s Film Festival. From kindergarten to 12th grade, students embark on a global cinematic journey, delving into diverse cultures, traditions, stories, and spirits.

In the upcoming year of 2024, our festival will immerse students in tales of bold and adventurous young souls, captivating indigenous and multicultural narratives, and of course, a whole lot of determined animal friends. Our students are enthralled by the unique career paths, newfound skills, and inspiring stories of those who defy the odds.

Virtual downloads available beginning March 11

On-Site Viewings: March 18 - 22

Off-Site Assemblies: March 25 - 29

In 2023, we enthusiastically welcomed students back into our theater for film-based field trips to the SCA. 1,137 students visited the SCA in person, 1,737 joined us virtually, and we hit the road to bring the festival to 935 students on location. We brought new experiences to a total of 3,809 students last year, and we can’t wait to open up a world of possibilities for more students again this year.

Children’s Film Festival for Educators

There are THREE ways to for schools to join the inspiring fun this year:

Field Trip screening at the SCA

Bring your class, grade, or school to the Art Center for a screening in our unique boutique theater setting. Hands-on closing activity provided. Maximum of 350 students.

Hosted Festival at your school

The SCA takes the festival on the road to your school auditorium. We introduce and present the films in your space, so no student travel is necessary.

Direct Digital Access in your classroom

The SCA provides you with direct digital access to view playlists at your own pace in your classroom. No film introduction provided.

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