Elevating Humanity: Forging Healing Through Connection

Artist Sandra Antongiorgi’s collection of work allows viewers to reckon with their shared legacy of inhumanity and invites people to connect with individuals most marginalized by systems of oppression. We are encouraged to connect with our own humanity–and with that of people who are often hidden away–to lead us to the healing that we seek. *above image created by Sandra Antongiorgi and Andy Bellomo*
Sandra Antongiorgi

About The Exhibit

This exhibition highlights and connects two of Sandra’s painted series: The Caged Rooster and Gestalt Series. The Caged Rooster series captures the humanity of people who have been incarcerated and criminalized while the Gestalt Series depicts the complexities of the human experience, alluding to our biological drive toward connection and healing. Together, this collection allows views to reflect on their own humanity and healing.

Detail_Weaving Cultures


Sandra’s intention is to reveal the inherited beauty within each and every human and the miracles that make us whole. The SCA will be bringing this influential and powerful work throughout the Saugatuck/Douglas/Fennville Community. Sandra will be on-site, meeting, greeting, and getting inspired with the community at our annual Jump Into Summer event on June 4th – debuting the exhibition live at the SCA. Sandra is also the featured artist at Growing Young Artists

On Resiliency

A veil of fog is beginning to lift after over a year of enforced separation. As we emerge we survey the damage of over 3 million deaths worldwide, over 500,000 in the United States alone. We must reckon with the ravages of disease, racism, isolation, and polarization. Our collective spirit resembles a body emerging from icy cold waters, blue from a lack of all that nurtures it – warmth, and air.
I can’t breathe…”


Sandra Antongiorgi

An accomplished singer, songwriter and post-disciplinary painter, Puerto Rican native Sandra Antongiorgi’s life experience and inherent talent have weaved together to produce a diverse and impressive body of work in the arts which help dot the streets of Chicago, along with being showcased in museums and exhibitions around the country. Sandra is a champion of children’s rights and works to expose the damage caused by incarceration and systematic marginalization.

Available Works for Purchase

Sandra’s work is available for purchase. Below is a small sample of her work, but click a link and you’ll be able to view and purchase her work that is on display in our gallery.

Darling Trocity

The Darling Trocity Series. 2021, paper, 8 x 8 in

Modern Slaveship

2018, Print & Wood, 36 x 47 in

Sum of My Parts

2017, Wood, Leather, Bronze Powder, Beeswax, Resin, Oil, Color Pencil, Acrylic, 7 x7 in

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