Side by Side Studio: Shadow Puppet Theater

Join us for our second intergenerational program for Spring of 2024! Learn and get creative with your kids alongside our Creative Fellow, Julie Ganey, and corridor artist, Shannon Mack. Kids and their grown-ups will each learn a method of making art, separately, but side by side. In this session, we’ll cover character development and puppets, creating our own mini performance!
1 Day

May 09, 6:00 pm


Join us for creative evenings of learning, play, and entertaining fun!

This year at the SCA, we are excited to introduce ways to play together as a family. In this brand new intergenerational program, grown-ups and kids will each learn a method of making art separately, but side by side.

First, kids and adults will separate and receive instructions and programming apart. In the second half of the program, all will come together to combine what they learned in what is sure to be a playful and laughter filled performance! Enjoy a healthy snack while the creativity unfolds! Featuring our 2024 Creative Fellow, Julie Ganey, and corridor exhibition artist, Shannon Mack as teaching artists.

Shadow Puppet Theater is the second class of this variety offered in 2024. Don’t miss the first class, Playful Props & Improv in March!

About The Program

Kids will create characters and develop a short story with Julie Ganey, while adults get creative making cut paper shadow puppets with Shannon Mack. At the end of the evening, kids will narrate the story while adults bring it to life with their hand-created shadow puppets!

Julie Ganey

Julie Ganey

Julie Ganey is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator whose work encompasses writing, storytelling, theatre, and improvisation. Her projects reflect a deep belief in the power of stories and collaborative artmaking to build community and break down barriers between individuals and groups. She is happy to now call both Chicago and Michigan home. As a professional actor, Julie has appeared on numerous Chicago stages over many years, and her three original solo plays, The Half-Life of Magic, Love Thy Neighbor…till it hurts, and Good Enough have been produced throughout the Midwest. As part of the award-winning comedy ensemble Wavelength, Julie spent years performing all over the U.S. and leading workshops for teachers and executives on conflict resolution and improvisation. She is an active member of the Chicago live lit storytelling scene and is a company member at 2nd Story. Julie is a tenacious advocate of arts education and has served in leadership positions at theatres of various sizes where she creates performance pieces with collaborators ages 3 to 93. Julie is an adjunct professor at The Theatre School at DePaul, and a long-time teaching artist at the Goodman Theatre. (AEA/SAG-AFTRA)

Shannon Mack

Shannon Mack

Shannon Mack is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She describes the origins of her work being derived from “of-the-moment” presence, in effect, leaving behind time capsules of the human experience. The layers that exist within her work are attempts to meet the moment with sincerity, each a foundation for the next, until a resolve is revealed. She is compelled by the time and labor invested in a “still” image, therefore making it an artifact in its own right; evidence of conscious and unconscious movements converging in a single tangible place. 


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