A Mess to Impress

The second in our annual Mini-Makers series for your little creatives! This week, we’re going to make a MESS while we experiment with unusual materials and methods of artmaking while creating large-scale work with friends!

June 17 | 10:00 – 11:30am





Mini-Makers Series Overview

Small hands, big art! Young, exploratory artists have the opportunity to express themselves through sensory play, discovering the wonders of color, materials, textures, and more! We will spend six Mondays making art and engaging in creative play. Each session includes music, movement, story time, sensory activities, and plenty of process-oriented art-making. Parents or guardians must attend all sessions with their mini-maker. A healthy snack is provided!

$216 package of 6

Circle Circus

Paint, Print, Play

Four-Legged Fun

Beyond the Box

Press Play

About this Class

This week, it’s not only okay to make a mess, it’s celebrated! Splatter, spill, splash, and smudge. Experiment with unusual materials and methods of artmaking, while creating large-scale collaborative work with friends. Play with water, mix colors, move wildly to the music, and get your hands dirty in different sensory bins. Listen to the story Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg and find the magic in the mess! 

Guest Artists

Nicki Flinn

Nicki Flinn is a dance instructor at Hope College and the leader of Strike Time Dance Company. Strike Time Dance Company works with grades K–6 throughout Michigan to introduce and highlight dance for children of all backgrounds

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