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Hannah Burr

Hannah Burr

My artwork began as a form of abstract landscape painting in 1992. Then, I was capturing the blur and the point in space. In the thirty years since, it has assumed many different forms. Always, I want to reflect the sparkly under-layer of experience. My artwork is how I enthusiastically attempt to share that reflection.

My paintings and works on paper emerge directly from my love and fascination with texture, color, shape and form.

In conceptual art projects I develop playful ways to share experience directly, to ask what is happening in a given situation and to whom, and offer new doorways to subjects that feel complex, inaccessible, or difficult to pin down (like the chemical elements or prayer).

I’ve asked questions like: What happens if you stack a block instead of speaking a thought? Where exactly is a chemical element present? If we’re in the same place at the same time, are we having the same experience? What do hundreds of responses to one work of art look like? And, let’s send love to everyone we can think of, via wooden blocks, for the next thirty minutes.

Each piece assumes whatever form and media expresses it best. This includes painting, drawing, sculpture, books, installation, video and documentation of any time based work. The projects may be collaborative and site specific, or become an invitation to interact, or a home practice for the viewer. In painting I still work with pure abstraction and abstract landscape.

I return always to pouring paint, creating a satisfying base surface, making a mark and drawing a line. 

Her artist books, conceptual art projects in book form, include


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