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Fertile Futures dreams a world grounded in collective wellness, accountability, reciprocity, interconnectedness, and abundance. It names that new worlds are in active cultivation. Through the symbolic lens of agriculture, Molly’s illustrations play with core questions, principles, and practices to help expand our sense of self and commit to building and practicing a more free and fertile world.

Let us go forward with no illusions. Society as we know it can no longer exist. The institutions of capitalism and resource extraction, white supremacy and imperialism, militarism and mass incarceration sever us from the sacred truth that no one is disposable. Let’s throw this whole system onto the compost heap. Let’s harvest only the lessons that help us create conditions conducive to life.

Including art pieces from recent bodies of work including; HOMOLUMINOUS (2018) GLOWING SEASON (2019) and AN EXPANDING SENSE OF SELF (2020), this collection includes themes of biomimicry, mutual aid, abolition, cosmology, emergence and social transformation. 

Our failures can be fertile ground. 

Our seeds remind us that the natural order of our world is abundance. We have the tools we need. Let’s dig in.

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