The Artist

Molly Costello

Molly is a non-binary queer illustrator, food grower, honey bee tender and a seeker of mysticism. Through their creative work they explore themes of interconnectedness, cosmology, reciprocity, biomimicry and are interested in cultivating our radical imaginations to help us shape our emergent new world.

As a white person, Molly is committed to the work of being an anti-racist and supports the movements for police and prison abolition. Molly hopes their work can be a small contributing part of creating our new culture, grounded in honoring the inherent value of all beings and pushing us beyond cultures of white supremacy, violence and greed toward a culture of accountability, collective wellness and abundance.  

Pronouns: They/Them

What are the new ideas we can all agree to, that we all desire deeply to agree to? Ones that promote honoring the sacredness of all beings, are rooted in gratitude, reciprocity, reverence, wellness, accountability and pleasure. This is the work of our time and where our creative imaginations rise to the challenge. Our small visions matter. A tiny seed becomes a sequoia given time and tending. We may not be there to see it’s flourishing but we can plant the seeds and tend the saplings.


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