Molly Costello

Rooted in gratitude, Molly Costello seeks to nurture and honor the light in each individual through their work in Fertile Futures. Through bold colors and shimmering stars dotted throughout the canvas, Molly calls us all to dig inside and uncover our own inner glow that is inherently connected with others.

Rooted in an understanding of our interconnectedness as well as the individual value of our lives, Molly Costello seeks to anchor us in this truth in the Fertile Futures Exhibit. Centered within this framework, you are invited to imagine how we can practice a world that reflects this; where everyone not only has their basic needs met, but where we are able to flourish and cultivate care for one another.

Molly calls us to dig deep while reflecting upon their work which utilizes the symbology of stars, growth, bold colors, and imagination. They invite us to see that our unique attributes are a vital light in the dense constellation that makes up this world. Let us dream of new possibilities.

Molly’s work reminds us that our interconnectedness not only calls us to embody our highest selves but to strive for a more just and equitable world designed for the survival and well being of the whole. Molly’s art also reminds us of the power of our collective efforts in creating a unified force for good.

The Artist

Molly Costello (they/them) is a White queer illustrator, food grower, bee keeper and seed saver. Through their art practice they explore themes of interconnectedness, cosmology, biomimicry, police and prison abolition as well as our larger capacities for social transformation. Molly hopes that through the making and sharing of their artwork they can play a small role in our deep work of reimaging and reshaping our dominant culture out of patterns of supremacy, violence and greed toward cultures of accountability, collective wellness and abundance.

Related Programming

Do you want to jump in and learn more about Molly, interconnectedness, cosmology, and social justice? Want to get Molly into your classroom to share their message and meaningful work with the next generation? Interested in finding like-minded people in your community? There are unique opportunities for learners of all ages to get hands-on with Molly this Fall.

Works for Sale

Bring a piece of the stars home with you – Molly’s work is for sale at the box office at the SCA or virtually right here.

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