[HAS HEART] was founded over a cup of coffee shared between a U.S. Veteran and a designer in 2010. They made it their mission to bridge the growing divide between their veteran and civilian worlds by utilizing art, design and the power of storytelling.
Michael Hyacinthe, Tyler Way & Kendra Clapp

About The Exhibit

[HAS HEART] is a Michigan-based, registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by 8-year U.S. Navy Veteran Michael Hyacinthe and artist/designer Tyler Way. They first met over a cup of coffee in 2010 and quickly discovered the disconnect between their two worlds but felt the need to do something about it. 


They further realized the power of creative collaboration once Michael met a local quadriplegic Marine who collected t-shirts but lost the ability to speak from his injuries in Iraq. Tyler worked with the Marine to co-create a design that shared his message and it was such a powerful process, that they’ve continued to pair Veterans with designers ever since, becoming known as “50 States”…

Debut Exhibition Celebration with Mark Lavengood

Friday, November 12 | 6:00 pm

In honor of Veterans Day, join us for the debut exhibition celebration of “HAS HEART | 50 States” featuring a

  • FREE, all-ages concert by Mark Lavengood,
  • HAS HEART pop up shop boutique,
  • postcard making station
  • Craft cocktails 
  • HAS HEART Founders sharing behind-the-scenes films!
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Related Programming

The stories, lessons, and touching moments of [HAS HEART] won’t be contained within the walls of the SCA this fall. We will be partnering with local schools to bring the unique [HAS HEART] design process to the classroom. Plus, we have carefully created moments for families to reach out and support Veterans all over the world!



Michael, Tyler, and Kendra have been traveling all over the country, sharing moments, telling stories, and providing a creative safe space for Veterans since 2010. All have different and unique backgrounds that blend together in perfect harmony to form a powerful team.


[HAS HEART] Merchandise

Each of the designer and Veteran’s collaborative creative processes yield a beautiful and meaningful emblem. The impactful stories behind each are told through the powerful artwork. This artwork is displayed on apparel, stickers, patches, and more! All can be purchased online. 

After expenses and production costs, 25% of proceeds from a Veteran’s design product sales will benefit the Veteran participant for the life of their design.

Thank You To Our Sponsors


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