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For 20 years, the SCA has brought people from around the globe together through visual art, performances, and educational experiences. We’ve connected you with neighbors, local businesses and organizations, new friends, and other families.

To mark two decades of service, this year we’ve deepened our commitment to transforming lives through bold entertainment, innovative education, powerful exhibitions, and creative outdoor events.  

In fact, we’ve melded powerful exhibitions and creative outdoor events in our innovative installation series, Creating Community: Spaces for Discovery, which spans Saugatuck, Douglas, Fennville, and Holland. Set in iconic places within each community, the seven outdoor installations were designed by Jeremy Barnett and Jason Maracani, and built by more than 100 community volunteers. 

This unique collaborative model brings people of all ages and all walks of life together — making connections and building bridges for creative and playful moments through art.

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The Materials

Jeremy + Jason have a specific vocabulary when it comes to building an exhibition – long sticks of wood, or specific shapes of wood (like windows) and bright colors.

What can be done with a line? According to Jeremy + Jason, anything. When you put a large amount of lines in different configurations, you can create anything – even movement. When your eye follows an arch made of long sticks of wood (lines) you can imagine it leaping, dancing, and playing. Lines can give you energy and feed your passionate movement.

“On some level, you can think of it as physicalizing the play of a child.” – Jeremy Barnett

These artists have a deep desire to invite people to join them in creating with and using natural environments for their play and creativity. Using materials that are found in nature or easily accessible at your local hardware store, they create beautiful, interactive works of art. Studying the works, you will find that all it takes is a drill, a paintbrush, and a little imagination.

The world around us is beautiful enough. Bright colors are used in these installations as a tool to draw attention to the works and contrast with the natural landscape around them. Your eye is drawn to the color of the sculpture because it’s different – and then with your attention spiked, you are likely to notice things around it that maybe you could have overlooked previously. The high contrast of the sculptures is meant to bring more attention to the beauty that already exists.


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