We Tried That: First Half of July

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Summer Snapshot: Our first few weeks of July

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On July 1, kids had the opportunity to explore Newton’s Laws of Motion during Pendulum Painting. After being led through balloon activity to learn about external force, acceleration, and equal/opposite reactions, industrial designers and S.T.E.A.M. Team experts Jon and Sarah Vanderbeek set up a large scale paint-bucket pendulum in the middle of the art studio for students to propel into motion. Between that, individual pendulum painting, and spirographs, everyone had the chance to engage in the creative frenzy!

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Covert Field Trip + ITH’s
We hosted 57 students from Threads of Hope, a program that serves children affected by trauma who live in an underprivileged area. By using music and the arts as a vehicle for exposing them to career paths and tools for personal expression. We spent the afternoon learning from the The The Heights cast, touring our Storied Drawing exhibition, observational painting in our garden, and creating “I am” Poem accordion books.

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On July 2, Toddler Tuesday was rife with fun Patterns and Shapes. Children explored creating and continuing patterns by building 3D ”pattern towers” with clay, beads, and pasta. They also identified shapes by classifying them into groups and tracing them, before hearing a wonderful story about a shape who kept changing forms.

Creating Colorful Cookies rounded out the first week of July. Baker Kara Bolt brought a new type of creativity to her studio by providing kids with cookies and the instructions to decorate. Using their own professional decorating tools, kids created cookies inspired by their favorite summer foods. Needless to say it was a yummy afternoon.

From July 8-10, kids were All About the Bees in the studio. During this time, they had the opportunity to meet real-life beekeepers, Ronna and Lucy Alexander, before visiting an observation hive at the Outdoor Discovery Center. Then the creative fun ensued: from building pollinator bee hotels to emulating the honeycomb building process through collaborative painting, the children were *buzzing* with excitement.

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Finally, Art Attack occurred smack dab in the middle of July, serving as an opportunity to connect children with real working artists. Children ages 4-12 spent the week creating work inspired by painter Hope Olson, paper-artist Krista Reuter, textile artists Erin Drews and Caitlyn Heyboer, and illustrator Libby Vanderploeg. They rounded out the week by learning about the curatorial process and putting their own exhibit for parents to enjoy.

Coming up we have musical fun in Folk-Tasic with Claire Wellin, yummy adventures in Farm to Kitchen, and more Toddler Tuesday learning.

If you know a child interested in History, we also have Crankies: Blast from the Past coming up on July 24-26. During this time, kids will travel to the Old School House AND the Pump House in Douglas to tour the current exhibits and hear tales about our area throughout time. Then, they’ll be able to create a “Crankie”, a beautiful and movie-like storytelling scroll.

We hope to see you soon in the studio!



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