SCA Partners with Outdoor Discovery Center to Bring Open-Air Learning Spaces and Professional Artists for 2020 Summer Camps


Featuring a new partnership with the Outdoor Discovery Center, open-air learning spaces, plus professional artists!

Thanks to the great feedback we received from you, we know you’re hungry for safe, creative, fun experiences for your kiddos this summer.

During our 2.0 programming, your child will stay engaged socially and academically. And, our new summer camps align with local, state, and CDC guidelines to provide safe, play-based learning experienes.

With safety top of mind we’ve shifted to:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Outdoor-only experiences
  • Increased spacing between campers, and;
  • Prepackaged snacks

CHECK OUT our exciting Summer 2.0 lineup below and get more details at

Our 2020 Joy Squad is ready to
safely welcome you to the SCA!

2020 Offerings

Creative Outdoors with the ODC & SCA: Soil

July 7, Ages 5-10

What does a giant glacier have to do with the dirt in your back yard? You’ll find out as we get down & dirty in this outdoor class that looks at something we often take foregranted: soil.

We’ll learn about the varieties and functions of different soils in West Michigan (spoiler alert: we have some of the best dirt on the planet!). Then, Scotty Jacobs from Specialty Gardens will walk campers through the process of growing plants in this area.

This camp is being hosted on the Outdoor Discovery Center campus, where we’ll explore the wonderfully intricate worlds of soil, trees and water.

Zagitek Clay Camp with Jason Wesaw

July 10, Ages 7+

Native American artist Jason Wesaw takes campers into the world of local Potawatomi Indians during this special camp about traditional Potawatomi pottery.

During the camp students engage with materials from their own surroundings by using locally-harvested clay as they learn the traditional process of building, adorning, and firing coil pots. The pots will be fired by Jason and available for pickup from the SCA on July 17.

This camp is sold out. If you’d like to join the waitlist, please send an email to and we’ll get you added.

Collective Voices: The New Home

July 13 & 15, Ages 5-8, 9-12

This camp combines studio art, art history, and creative writing to help children consider what’s happening in the world as it relates to the pandemic.

We’ll look at how artists have documented complicated events in history before diving into our own documentation about present-day life.

For this experience geared toward younger-elementary artists, we will build miniature 3D worlds to consider how the idea of “home” has shifted in this time.

Creative Outdoors with the ODC & SCA: Trees

July 21, Ages 5-10

There are more than 3 trillion (yep – with a T) trees on planet earth! During this special outdoor class we dive into the intricate world of trees including the soil, critters, and landscapes that impact them.

Campers explore the grounds at the Outdoor Discovery Center and then create tree-inspired artwork based on what they’ve learned. Together we will make connections between art and the outdoors that are bound to spark curiosity about the world around us.

This camp is being hosted on the Outdoor Discovery Center campus, we’ll be exploring the wonderfully intricate worlds of soil, trees and water.

Royal Flush with Artist Hope Olson

July 22, Ages 7+

Have a favorite card game? Come share it during this two-day workshop.

Painter Hope Olson recently released a series of playful paintings inspired by the Kings, Queens, and Jacks found in card decks. Children will work alongside Hope to create their own “royal portraits” inspired by the monarchical characters in card decks. They’ll also take home their own customized deck of playing cards.

Creative Characters with Blake Johnson

July 30, Ages 8+

Get ready to create your own cool character t-shirt!

Illustrator and graphic designer Blake Johnson has created plenty of characters for himself and clients. During this class, Blake helps campers dive into the fundamental frameworks of character construction (shape, form, color, and more).

The group will collaborate on a class mascot, and each camper will create a screen printable stencil to transfer the mascot onto a t-shirt.

Creative Outdoors with the ODC & SCA: Water

August 4, Ages 5-10

Did you know that water makes up 80% of the earth, including YOU!

Come explore the water all around, and inside, us by looking at our area’s lakeshore, ponds, marshes, and watersheds. After outside hiking and exploring, we will return to the SCA studio to create water-inspired arttwork based on what we’ve learned.

This camp is being hosted on the Outdoor Discovery Center campus, we’ll be exploring the wonderfully intricate worlds of soil, trees and water.

Music Mindfulness with Musician Cameron Blake

August 10, Ages 7+

Get ready to learn how to use “mindfulness” techniques to write songs! Musician and songwriter Cameron Blake shares his own musical journey then helps campers use easy mindfulness exercises as a springboard for their own songwriting process.

Campers will create handmade “lyric journals” to capture ideas, snippets, poems, and more. If you’re an aspiring musican or writer – or just curius about how songs get written – this class is for you!

Happy Greetings with Designer Lindsey Peterson

August 15, Ages 7+

Join graphic designer and GVSU Design Professor Lindsey Peterson for this workshop all about greeting cards.

Campers explore the history of greeting cards before creating their own, using various drawing techniques and collage. From unique patterns to silly puns, campers will leave with a set of custom hand-created cards to share with loved ones.


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