Little Shop of Horrors Audition Info

Little Shop of Horrors

Scroll down for character breakdowns and sides.


First Rehearsal: July 26, 2022
Opens: August 12, 2022
Closes: August 28, 2022

Seeking principals and ensemble actors/singers/dancers. All ethnicities encouraged to submit.

Character Breakdown:
Click on character’s name to download individual sides for each role.

Seymour, Male 25-35 (Tenor) An orphan taken in by Mr. Mushnik, the owner of a Skid Row flower shop. Seymour is naïve, well-meaning, outspoken, shy, and awkward. He knows little about the out-side world. However, he exhibits a remarkable amount of strength when he discovers what he wants. Must be a strong actor and singer with excellent comic timing. Must be able to move well.

Audrey, Female 30-40 (Mezzo with a belt) Audrey is the love of Seymour’s life (though he’d never tell her). She is a perky, bleached-blonde florist clerk at the same Skid Row florist as Seymour. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, nor is she the most self-confident, but she’s bright-eyed, bubbly and totally genuine. She knows what to say when someone’s having a bad day and she is all about the truth. Must be a strong actor and singer with excellent comic timing. Must be able to move well.

Mr. Mushnik, Male 45-60 y/o (Baritone) Mushnik is the owner of the Skid Row flower show, and boss to Audrey and Seymour. He seldom smiles and curses in Yiddish. He has lived a hard, lower class life and is a true opportunist. Must be a strong actor and singer with excellent comic timing and be able to do a New York accent. Must be able to move.

Orin (and others), Male 30-40 y/o (Baritone) Tall, dark and handsome. A washed-up greaser with a voice keen for radio, but with the personality of an egotistical pretty boy with aggressive/abusive tendencies. He’s a dentist in a leather jacket. The actor playing Orin must also play several other small roles in the show. Strong actor and singer.

Audrey II – The Plant – (Puppeteer) Think of a Venus Fly Trap. Now think of an Avocado. Think of these two combined, and that would be Audrey II. This creature is played by a series of 4 puppets which increase in size and mangled appearance, manipulated by a puppeteer hidden (visibly) inside of plants 3 and 4. The plant puppeteer has no vocals whatsoever, but requires someone who has superb physical acting skills who can portray character / emotion through movement and physical stamina when operating the large, fairly weighted puppet. The actor also plays a few smaller roles in the show prior to going inside the plant.

Audrey II Voice – The Plant: BIPOC Male or Female (Baritone or big belter) The voice of Audrey II is off-stage, lip-syncing to the movements of the puppet. Audrey II herself (the plant) is a street-smart, conniving villain with a funky R&B sound to their voice. Strong character singer.

Urchins 1, 2 & 3, BIPOC Females 18-30 y/o (Mezzo Sops/belters) These three characters are the only ones with any clue of what’s happening for the duration of the show. They are young, clever, trendy, and oftentimes know something that we don’t, and they make that very clear. Have occasional dialogue, and often sing in strong harmonies together as a trio. Strong singing and dancing capabilities.