Annual Giving

Thank You!

The SCA is an arts center with a difference. We aim high and wide with a core mission of transforming lives by creating community, connecting people and spreading joy.  We would not be where we are without the help of our extended SCA Family.

$5,000 - $9,999 Donors

$2,500 - $4,999 Donors

$1,000 - $2,499 Donors

Ginny and Ken Brooks
Duane Brown and Kevin Martin
Gary Edwards and Wade Rouse
Bobbie Gaunt
Elizabeth Jones and Karen Todd
Carol and Greg Josefowicz
Bridget and Dave Lemberg
Linda and Dick Riekse
Andrea and Ely Tama
John Williams and Marty Fluhrer

Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt / Gregg Smith
Meijer Stores
Sherwood Mignon DeLano Foundation

Marsha and Stephen Burd
John Cannarsa and Tim Straker
Jerry Carpency
Philip Craft and Robert Carlson
Michael Daley and Pat Murphy
Jason and Denise Dedic
Roberta and Jack Deyo
Renee and Chris Draves
Gregory Frey and Patrick Coyle
Anne and Roger Gamache
Lori and Keith Hayward
Julie Hutson
Stephen Lewis and Walt Lawrence
Margaret McDermott
Dawn Prins and Randy VanKlompenberg
Howard Rochte and Russell Lamesfield
Carol Sarosik and Shelley Padnos
Gordon Stannis
Heidi and Jim Suprenant
Lynne Watling

Chemical Bank
Jonker’s Garden
JPD Construction / Jason and Denise Dedic
Macatawa Bank
Miller Johnson
Shoreline Realtors / Sandy and Dan Shanahan

Ken Altman
John April and Mike Clawson
David Blatt and David Moore
Joseph Blodgett and Kevin Putnam
Gina and Kevin Bognar
Julie Bronsink
Donna and Jim Brooks
Dave Couch
Gwen and Jay DeBruyn
James Dolenc and Tom Riker
Daniel Dugan and Chris Thau
Beth Eckhardt and Joseph D’Ambrosio
Larry Gammons
David Geen & Bill Underdown
Kristen Gray and David DeBlock
Rex Hempy
Tammy and J.C. Huizenga
Lynne Hybels
Joan and Frank Lamb
Ira Lawrence and Sona Kalousdian
Dominique Leonardi and Krista Linn
Marcia and Richard Lievense
Patty and William Lint
Barbara and John Ludlow
Kathleen Markland
Jean and Sam Martin
Linda and Dennis Maurer
Brian May and Kirk Moore
Cynthia McKean
JoAnne and Chris Miller
Nancy and Doug Padnos
Susan and Tony Pastor
Mary Ann Quick and David Colwell
Kimberly Redlin and Phil Crump
Juliet Rogers
Kristine and Arthur Rossof
Patricia and Larry Sharp
Shirley and Dick Shaw
S. J. Steen
Charlotte and Patrick Stewart
Virginia Stuart
Dennis Tamburo and Steven Manns
Demetrhea Terrien and Betsy York
Janice Van Hoof

Amazwi Art Gallery / Wally Petersen & Michael Tischleder
Century 21 Affiliated / Brian Scieszka
First National Bank of Michigan
Tower Marine / Matt and Cindy Peterson

$500 - $999 Donors

Mary Van Andel and Benjamin Sikkink
Kerri Baker and Michael Gantt
Pati and Mark Bekken
Julie and James Bradford
David Cofield
Janene and Sam Cummings
Jessie and Ronald Dalman
Penny and Larry Deitch
Tuti and Pete DeMaagd
Patricia Denner
Liz and Dave Engel
Floyd Fleming
Eric Henckel
Penny and Jamie Ladd
Gayle and Rick Lipsig
Priscilla and James Lynch
Dennis Maloney and Tony Driver
Kabri Martyniek
Christine Marvin
Roger May and Tim Edwards
Joy McClendon and Jeff Lee
Alan McPhail and Ferguson Porter
Randolph Paschke
Cindy and Keith Paterson
John Pearch
Kathryn Purcell
Philip Raywood
Ellen and John Rensklev
Linda Salisbury
Kevin Serba and Timothy Tamer
Nancy Schmitt
Linda Sharp
Warren Shifferd
Lauri and Jim Sullivan
Patricia and Denis Tabachuk
Mary Terzino and Gregg Potter
Nancy and David Van Dyke
Elizabeth Welch and Brian Schwartz
Joan Wendland
Barbara Wepman
Alan Zuber and Grant McCorkhill

$250 - $499 Donors

Ronna and Brian Alexander
Mary Ann and Jim Atkinson
James Bader and Merri Van Dyke
Bill Baillargeon and Brent Leonard
Mark Barrone
Mary Baumgarten
Laurie and Eric Birkholz
Susan and Laurence Blose
Lauren Cato
Anne Corlett and Allen Wolbrink
Holly Davis and Kay Hanna
Abby Dilley
Roberta and John Eisinger
Susan Fall and Frank Sardone
Susan and Bruce Formsma
Carol and Ken Gold
Mitch Golub
Fred Hamlin
Caroline and Alex Harju
Nancy and Edward Karasek
Nancy and Mark Kimble
David Klinzing and Todd Theisen
Maryjo and Tim Lemanski
Candice Lewis
Ann and Gerald Longerot
John Ludwig
Dianne Meyer
Pam and Patrick Murphy
Michele and Mark Ogden
William Platz
Chris Saldivar and Mark Randall
Carol Schmitt and Patti Nordhem
Nuviah Shirazi
Mark Smaller
Susan and Jeremy Tiedt
Janet and William Urfer
Lana Zarlenga and John Rotunda
Renee Zita
Teresa and Richard Zweering

Boer’s Transfer & Storage / David Dirkse
J. Andrew Baer Architect
Pizza Mambo
Saugatuck Harbor Insurance / Mark Bekken

$100 - $249 Donors

Carol-Anderson Kunze and Jack Kunze
Holly Anderson
Patti and Lee Andrea
Nicki Arendshorst
Donna Atman
Gail and Dennis Babel
Anne and James Baird
Katherine Balkema and Carl Van Krimpen
Cathy Barnard
Nancy and Austin Belschner
Sandra and Eric Bermann
Laurel Beukelman
Donna and Simon Bruinsma
Sue and Tom Burgin
Carol and Phil Carra
Jeffrey Chinski and William Briggs
James Collier
Sandy and Ron Collins
Wendy Colsen
Susan and Michael Compagner
Linda and Joseph David
Janice and James DeVries
Robert Eder
Daniel Edwards
Gregory Elfring
Deborah and Mark Ellis
Jane Frey and James Schipper
Betsy and Mike Foster
Nancy Geldermann and Gerald Mount
Sandy Gelman
Marianne and Michael Giersch
Timothy and Kathleen Gietzen
Edward Gilpin
William and Janet Gladstone
Michaele Goers
Richard and Suzette Golf
Barb and Ned Goodman
Margaret and Michael Goodman
Ethel Green
Wendy Gronbeck
Martha and Peter Hanson
Ralph Hensley
Judy Hillman and Mike Van Meter
Paula and John Hoffman
Virginia and Daniel Holder
Susan and Stephen Holmes
Mary and Robert Hoppes
Ann Horton
Steve Hutchins
Bari Johnson
John Keith
Barbara and Gerald Kelly
Edward Kelly
Jeanne and William Kendrick
Paulett and Gregg Kirchen
Franklin Kraai
Carol and John Kuenzel
Jackie and Robert Kunnen
Jim and Daun Lester
Joan and Robert Lipsig
Bonnie and Douglas Lowe
Susan Lucas
Kimberley Mahurin
Joan and Ken Malik
Carla and Bruce Masselink
Allison and Drew Miller
Maria and Micahel Ochs
Pete Olson
Nancy Owens
Eileen and Daniel Paull
Linda and Bill Peterson
Dian and Robert Post
Thomas Seaton and William Ward
Vincent Schall
Janet Schroeder and Susan Pierson
Dawn Schumann
Tracey Shafroth and Michael Elam
Deborah Slater
Karen and Jim Steiger
Janice and Randy Stone
Karine Stover and Jeff Rahmberg
Lynnette and Paul Ten Brink
Angela and Ken Trester
Jeanne Triner
Susan Turner
Jane Underwood
Janice and David Varney
Jane and James Venier
Rebecca Wall
Boyd Wilson
Constance Zanger

Brandess Studios
Fetzer Institute
Johnson Carpet One
Rosemont Inn