Let’s give it up for Mother Earth!

Today (and every day) at the SCA, we try to give back and honor the earth and everything that she has given to us. As we’re getting ready for another Michigan summer, we’re looking for ways that we can support our local environment through sustainability, education, and reflection.
The SCA is focused on GROWTH throughout the year – both physically and mentally through exhibitions, performances, outreach, and community engagement.

Garden Meditations

2022 Artist in Residence, Scotty Jacobs beautiful exhibition, Garden Meditations takes a moment to help us dig a little deeper and draw parallels between the tools that are specifically designed to help propel and encourage growth and how they can be applied to our own lives. Whenever we put one of our garden tools to use, we have an opportunity to meditate on its purpose and apply that to our own inner gardens.

“I’ve learned that happy gardeners grow happy gardens, so I take a spirited approach to digging in the dirt. There’s something really special about helping others build their confidence too!” – Scotty Jacobs

Lettuce Grow Farmstands

We took our farming INDOORS this year with our Lettuce Grow Farmstands. The Farmstand is made from recycled ocean plastics and is a self-watering and self-fertilizing planter that makes it easy to grow your own food in your own home…or gallery. The SCA will be maintaining these uniquely designed vertical gardens in our gallery throughout the year and utilizing them as a catalyst to promote educational programming around sustainable growing practices.

The Garden at the SCA

The Saugatuck Center for the Arts is proud to be home to a beautiful garden which is utilized all summer for a peaceful resting spot, a backdrop for weddings, and an outdoor classroom.

Exhibition Sustainability

This summer, we are proud to be stitching together 4 communities with 7 interactive, site-specific art installations via Create Community: Spaces for Discovery. Every piece of the Spaces for Discovery installation was designed with sustainability and preservation in mind. While the sculptures are temporary, the sites and the environments that host them are not. Every location is designed with a Leave No Trace philosophy. In addition, the materials that are used for this installation will be repurposed into cold frames, garden beds, and other projects around the communities.

Your Challenge

How could YOU do something to improve your local environment? Is there something that you can do to give back to the earth today, and every day? We would love to hear your ideas!

Thank you to our generous sponsors who help us GROW in our dreams!
Scotty Jacobs residency sponsors: Meijer | Vicky + Dan Bischoff
Lettuce Grow Farmstand sponsors: Meijer | Michigan Arts + Cultural Council | National Endowment for the Arts
Creating Community: Spaces for Discovery sponsors: Bill Underdown + Tammy Kerr at Century 21 Affiliates | Meijer | Andy Knight + Beau Gratzer | Jeff Antaya + Peter Rosenfeld | Mary Kay + Mark Baker | Gina + Kevin Bognar | Richard Heriford + Guy Ballard | Ken Altman | Tim Straker + John Cannarsa | Michigan Arts + Cultural Council | National Endowment for the Arts

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