Lettuce Grow

Vertical Garden Farmstands will be GROWING throughout the SCA in 2022. Lettuce Grow Farmstands will help nourish our community from the ground up. We’ll be partnering with local chefs, horticulture enthusiasts (like our friend Scotty Jacobs), and other artists. Follow along with the journey here!

About the Exhibit

Founded by actress Zooey Deschanel and co-parent Jacob Pechenik, Lettuce Grow aims to reduce food waste by promoting healthy and sustainable alternatives for growing fresh, clean and unprocessed food regardless of space, time, knowledge, income or experience. 

SCA x Lettuce Grow

The SCA is excited to announce we will be joining the Lettuce Grow mission in 2022 as a nominee in their Farmstand program. Beginning in January 2022, the SCA will be welcoming it’s very own display of vertical garden Farmstands to begin nourishing our community from the ground up. The Farmstand is made from recycled ocean plastics and is a self-watering and self-fertilizing planter that makes it easy to grow your own food in your own home…or gallery. The SCA will be maintaining these uniquely designed vertical gardens in our gallery throughout the year and utilizing them as a catalyst to promote educational programming around sustainable growing practices. Throughout the course of the exhibitions, the SCA will be collaborating with local chefs utilizing the food grown in our Farmstands to create edible art! At the end of year, the SCA will be donating the Farmstands to local organizations to continue investing and promoting sustainably grown fresh, clean food. Follow the journey of our SCA Lettuce Grow Farmstands throughout the year.


About the Partners

We believe that creative collaboration and meaningful relationships are the keys that open up intriguing doors to new corners of the imagination – that’s why we partnered up our farmstands with our 2022 Artist in Residency, Scotty Jacobs AND our 2022 Visiting Artist, Rachel Hefferan.

Events + Experiences

Do you want to jump in and learn more about Rachel, hand weaving, or fermentation? Want to see what these vertical farmstands are all about? Interested in turning your thumb a little more green with Scotty? There are unique opportunities for learners of all ages to get hands-on with our exhibitions this Winter/Spring.

Follow the Journey

Every day, something new is popping up with our Vertical Gardens. We would love for you to follow along with the exciting journey of growth, change, and challenge.

Thank You To Our Sponsors


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