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The exhibition here, within. contains profound layers of the unseen world on a large scale. Mirroring the infinite details and complexities under the microscope, Rachel’s woven textiles bring a fresh, dynamic awareness of the connection between art and science.
Rachel Hefferan

About the Exhibit

This Spring and Winter, our main gallery will take its cues from nature and be inspired by Michigan-based weaver, Rachel Hefferan, whose work focuses on microbial communities. Rachel’s work explores the unseen and often hidden perspective of microscopic organisms through the art of weaving. Starting at the most basic level, Rachel’s work invites viewers to explore their own rootedness and connection to nature through the lens of fermentation, fungi and the fundamental components that make up our world.

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Rachel Hefferan

About the Artist

Rachel, a Michigan-based weaver, is a self proclaimed homesteader, fermentation nerd, and hopeful environmentalist – which is shown in her work by creating abstractions of an invisible living network that functions unseen all around us.


About the Partners

We believe that creative collaboration and meaningful relationships are the keys that open up intriguing doors to new corners of the imagination – that’s why we partnered up Rachel with our 2022 Artist in Residency, Scotty Jacobs. Scotty, a West Michigan-based horticultural enthusiast. In addition, the SCA will be welcoming it’s very own display of vertical garden Farmstands to begin nourishing our community from the ground up.


Events + Experiences

Do you want to jump in and learn more about Rachel, hand weaving, or fermentation? Want to see what these vertical farmstands are all about? Interested in turning your thumb a little more green with Scotty? There are unique opportunities for learners of all ages to get hands-on with our exhibitions this Winter/Spring.

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