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Rachel Hefferan

Our future does not exist out in the stars but here, within.

Kicking off our 2022 Exhibitions, Rachel Hefferan, a self proclaimed homesteader, fermentation nerd, and hopeful environmentalist, bridges the two worlds of nature and art through microbial inspired weaving. Rachel Hefferan explores the unseen and often hidden perspective of microscopic organisms and creatively elevates this world through the art of weaving. Starting at the most basic level, Rachel’s work invites viewers to explore their own rootedness and connection to nature through the lens of fermentation, fungi, and the fundamental components of our world.

As a weaver, Rachel views the loom as a tool for discovery and play; she structures her approach to making with science practices that allow for constant revision and learning. Hand spinning, crochet, natural dyes, recycled mill ends or discarded yarns, are all important parts of her studio practice. 


The exhibition here, within contains profound layers of the unseen world on a large scale through Hefferan’s woven textiles. Mirroring the infinite details and complexities under the microscope, some of the titles of here, within are written out in amino acid chains continuing to highlight awareness between art and science.


360 Tour

We would like to invite you to experience here, within. in person to fully immerse yourself in Rachel’s works. However, if you are unable to join us physically, please explore Rachel’s work virtually!

360 Tour coming soon.


Rootedness is being grounded in who we are and connected to our self, our community and the natural world around us. Emotional awareness not only helps individuals sift through their own emotions in a healthy manner, but it also models healthy and constructive ways to navigate strong emotions for others.

One of the central pillars to Rootedness is understanding emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify core emotions and communicate them effectively with others. Emotional awareness not only helps individuals sift through their own emotions in a healthy manner, but it also models healthy ways for navigating strong emotions in a healthy manner. 

Our goal at the SCA is to provide opportunities for meaningful reflection and dialogue around emotional wholeness through artistic expression as well as encourage others to be rooted in oneself, community and nature.


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