Scotty Jacobs Residency

The SCA is happy to announce one of our Artist in Residence for 2022, horticultural enthusiast: Scotty Jacobs. As an encourager and advocate of artistic expression through gardening, Scotty Jacobs will be bringing his enthusiasm and fresh perspective to the SCA inspiring the love of gardening, digging deep into our own rootedness and connection to nature.
Scotty Jacobs


Rootedness is being grounded in who we are and connected to our self, our community and the natural world around us. When we are grounded, centered and balanced in all three, our emotional roots are aligned and we thrive and blossom into a fuller, richer, more vibrant version of ourselves. One of the central pillars to Rootedness is understanding emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify core emotions and communicate them effectively with others. Emotional awareness not only helps individuals sift through their own emotions in a healthy manner, but it also models healthy ways for navigating strong emotions in a healthy manner. Our goal at the SCA is to provide opportunities for meaningful reflection and dialogue around emotional wholeness through artistic expression as well as encourage others to be rooted in oneself, community and nature.


About the Artist

“I’ve learned that happy gardeners grow happy gardens, so I take a spirited approach to digging in the dirt. There’s something really special about helping others build their confidence too!” – Scotty Jacobs


About the Exhibit

Just like a blank canvas, a garden has limitless potential for what can be grown, developed and communicated through the art of painting a space with plants. Garden Meditations will be on display in the corridor through June 3. This beautiful exhibition takes a moment to help us dig a little deeper and draw parallels between the tools that are specifically designed to help propel and encourage growth and how they can be applied to our own lives.

About the Partners

We believe that creative collaboration and meaningful relationships are the keys that open up intriguing doors to new corners of the imagination – that’s why we partnered up Scotty Jacobs with our 2022 Visiting Artist, Rachel Hefferan, and our Vertical Garden Farmstands, Lettuce Grow.

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