Mountainfilm on Tour

March 15th - March 28th

Family Programming

Film for Families Program

A joint partnership between the Outdoor Discovery Center and the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.


Image Credits: Maestro

Pickup Date(s): March 15-18

Give the gift of imagination and get ready for family film fun in the comfort of your home! This special opportunity is a joint partnership between the Outdoor Discovery Center and the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.

The Film for Families Program includes a selection of family-friendly Mountainfilm on Tour shorts (sent via email) AND a box of thoughtfully-selected books, a hands-on project including all materials + kid-friendly instructions, as well as an invitation to our community scavenger hunt. Each Family Film Box includes supplies for (2) children. Family Film Boxes will be available for pickup from the Saugatuck Center for the Arts between March 15-18 during regular business hours. Want to download the scavenger hunt prior to the box pickup date? Access it here.

*Please note if you plan to purchase multiple playlists (Adventure and The Medley), Mountainfilm’s ticketing system only allows one purchase at a time. After purchasing one playlist, you must go back and purchase the second.

Film for Families Program

Visit, Snap, Upload


Explore Saugatuck, Douglas and Fennville through a filmmaker’s lens! Whether you’re watching our Mountainfilm on Tour Saugatuck playlists or pursuing independent exploration — together we can all celebrate the spaces, places and people that make our little towns truly unique!

What you’ll need to be successful on your hunt:

  • This checklist — either printed or accessible on your mobile device
  • A charged-up mobile device — to ensure you can snap your best photo at each stop!
  • Appropriate outdoor gear — you know what they say — “never bad weather, just bad clothing”
  • A positive attitude!

Use this checklist to track your scavenger hunt progress! This hunt can be completed by individuals, families, or small teams who practice social distancing. To ensure the future enjoyment of these special places, please remember to leave a minimal carbon footprint when you visit.

Once you’ve completed the checklist (taking a photo at each stop), upload you submission photos to this form by Sunday, March 28. Please note: the upload form requires .jpg files. Costumes, creativity, and social media tags are welcome and encouraged!

The random drawing will occur on April 1 and we will award (3) winners which will be notified by email and announced on Facebook and Instagram. The winner will receive an SCA Art Pass valued at $50 which can be used for upcoming children’s summer camps, films, outdoor theatre or concerts, as well as an assortment of goodies and gift cards from our Film Festival sponsors including Modales Wines, Saugatuck Brewing Company, Outdoor Discovery Center, Uncommon Coffee Roasters and Farmhouse Deli.


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