Sonder Now

Connected purpose is to elevate creativity, empathy, vulnerability, civic engagement, adaptability and promote positive social-emotional impact.

About The Course

Suggested Grade Level

5th - 12th

The SCA has built a series of innovative educational programs for k-12th students that expose young people to important arts and cultural opportunities along with crucial project-based learning. Schools participate free of charge.

Students benefit from our programs by: learning more deeply and retaining more of what they learn through project-based, hands-on programs; improving critical soft skills needed for employment success; working with professional artists/creatives; experiencing film, music, design and visual art which enables them to compete with peers from better equipped school districts (when applying for jobs, internships and college).

Course At A Glance

A Video Guide

The basis of these projects all revolve around a tailored video that you will show your class. Here’s a sneak peek.



  • Sharpie + Stencils
  • Fabric squares
  • Ink + Stamps
  • Stamp Options: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3
  • Access to the Vimeo project videos
  • Access to Google Drive (Docs)
  • Pencil/Paper
  • Listening ears

Learning Targets

  1. Students will practice listening and empathy while exploring their curiosity.
  2. Students will better understand their emotions and thoughts and how they influence their behavior
  3. Students will be challenged to practice social awareness, recognizing peer’s perspectives similarities and differences
  4. Students will establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups.

Before Viewing

Think about the complexity of everyone you encounter in a given day. Ask students to reflect on the most bizarre thing they’ve heard lately that could be taken out of context.

Where are places in our everyday lives that we can accidentally eavesdrop on strangers? What are conversations that you’ve been in earshot of?

Have you ever overheard something that you related to, or perhaps even needed to hear?

What snippet of or phrase in the Exhibit most piqued your interest?

After Viewing

Have your students practice empathy by reading excerpts from Altieri’s Index. Have students write narratives for these vague phrases. Have them build characters: who said it, who was it directed towards; settings: time, place, location and stories behind the phrase.

Tip: Set time limits for this creative writing activity, challenging students to write about the very first thing that pops into their heads. Select ones that would resonate most with your students. ** denotes background stories provided by Altieri, located in the Sonder coffee table book.