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A boutique dinner in the Gallery at the SCA co-created by esteemed chef and level 3 Sommelier – SCA’s 2023 Creative Fellow Mindy Trafman. This intimate dine-in experience weaves together the wonders and delights of culinary, art, community, and traditions. This dinner features special guest, Molly Costello, our Fall/Winter exhibition artist.
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Jan 26, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


About The Program

Curated by professional chef + level 3 Sommelier Mindy Trafman


Back by popular demand, enjoy an unparalleled dinner experience in the gallery at the SCA expertly assembled to celebrate Molly’s love and passion for a Fertile Future.

A boutique dinner in the Gallery at the SCA co-created by esteemed chef and level 3 Sommelier – SCA’s 2023 Creative Fellow Mindy Trafman. These intimate dine-in experiences weave together the wonders and delights of culinary and visual arts, community, and traditions. Each dinner features a special guest, beginning with our Fall/Winter exhibition artist, Molly Costello.

The menu is carefully curated to reflect our artists’ roots and traditions with inventive dishes and drinks. Dinners include 6-courses of unique plates and are expertly paired with flavorful cocktails/mocktails and beautiful wines.

During dinner, guests will enjoy sharing stories directly with the professional artist and other guests. Conversations will be sparked and influenced by the topics covered in the artists’ work. This one of a kind evening will include personalized flavors inspired by history, culture, family, nature, and art – with food at its core.

This dinner will be influenced by Molly’s work, focused on the culinary power of vegetables including tastes of lion’s mane mushrooms, brussels sprouts, cabbage, radishes, eggplants, and other delicious treats to please your earthy palette.

Inspired By

Fall Exhibition Fertile Futures by Molly Costello.

Rooted in gratitude, Molly Costello, seeks to nurture and honor the light in each individual through their work. Through bold colors and shimmering stars dotted throughout the canvas, Molly calls us all to dig inside and uncover our own inner glow that is inherently connected with others. These networks of connected brilliance are woven together to form a current of constellations that is within all of our reach. Costello’s work reminds us that constellations not only call us higher to strive for a more just and equitable world, they also remind us of the power of our collective efforts in creating a unified force for good.

2023 Creative Fellow - Mindy Trafman

Mindy Trafman is an acclaimed chef and owner of Somm & Seeds catering company. Her past work includes Isabel’s Market + Eatery and Coast 236. Working as a chef, level 3 sommelier and educator, Mindy brings a wealth of knowledge and culinary experience to the table!

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