March 22nd - March 23rd

Art Out Loud Community Festival

At Saugatuck Center for the Arts:
Saturday, March 23 | ALL DAY

Don’t miss a single moment of the action – get the Art Out Loud All Access Pass for only $80/person.

The All Access Pass includes:

  • Admission to ALL weekend screenings
  • Your first drink on us!
  • Early access to the theater pre-show to get the “best seats in the house”
  • SCA branded merch
  • Deals + Perks at partner businesses



Image Credit: The Ghost Rainforest

Playlist 1: Big Green World

Saturday | 10AM

120 MIN

Take a deep dive into narratives about diverse cultures, important causes, time-honored traditions, and remote environments that might remain uncharted without the captivating possibility of film! For those who have a passion for the great outdoors, all forms of wildlife, and the quest to build a brighter future – join us on the thrilling expedition of the Big Green World.

Closed Captioning is provided for this playlist.



Image Credit: Georgia Astle: Flip the Switch

Playlist 2: Indomitable Spirit

Saturday | 2PM

126 MIN

Tales of individuals who are unstoppable, who persist unwaveringly in the face of challenges, and who unfailingly discover a path forward. Whether it’s the high-speed rush of heart-pounding adrenaline or the quiet, profound moments that linger… inspiration is woven into every instant within the narrative of Indomitable Spirit.



Image Credit: AdVENNture

Playlist 3: The Medley

Saturday | 7PM

118 MIN

Inspiration and instances of remarkable enlightenment can emerge from the most surprising places. Between bursts of uncontrollable laughter, profound contemplation, and quiet depths of tear-filled silence – this playlist will offer captivating moments of fascination to all. Find motivation and moments of extraordinary awakening at The Medley.

In addition to the film – enjoy a culinary experience unlike any other with film-inspired treats before and after the final screening. While munching, sipping on a specialty drink from the bar, and conversing with friends – savor the sweet sounds of live music playing in the lobby.

Included in your tickets to The Medley

Saturday | 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Social Happy Hour

Grab a beer, wine, cocktail, or mocktail at the bar and enjoy the company of friends, neighbors, and family while you soak in the live music and enjoy a snack!

Saturday | 9:00 - 10:00 pm

The After Party

Tickets to the Medley include access to the Art Out Loud After Party including a culinary experience unlike any other with film-inspired small plates. While you converse with your community, enjoy your food (and another drink from the bar), live music will fill the lobby.


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