20 Years on Purpose

Welcome to the SCA’s 20th season: a year-long celebration of events and projects that entertain, challenge, delight, and engage. The arts create common unity, bringing people together in unexpected ways. To mark two decades of service, we’re deepening our commitment to transforming lives through bold entertainment, innovative education, powerful exhibitions, and creative outdoor events.

What if

What if the arts could open hearts and minds, embrace all, and have deep societal and community impact?
What if you could be entertained AND also challenged, provoked, motivated, inspired, and connected?
What if the arts, entertainment, adventure, advocacy, education, and community could be interwoven?

Welcome to the SCA’s 20th season
— a year-long celebration of projects that reset your expectations and make those “what ifs” a reality.

But how?


For the last two decades, the SCA has been a place for our little corner of the globe to gather, celebrate, and grow. During that time, we’ve pushed through physical boundaries to become more than a location. Now the SCA is a set of experiences where learners of all ages gain skills and ignite passions, form a better understanding of themselves and the world around them, and build empathy and connection.

Creating Collaborative Engagement

Art can be a bridge connecting and merging cultures, and opening windows of possibility around the world. Art can span divides, connecting people of different ages, identities, races, backgrounds, and much more.

During our 20th Anniversary season the SCA is using creativity to bring people together in unanticipated ways. Through projects that invite everyone to create and engage, with an eye on cultivating impactful relationships and lasting memories.

Creating Enduring Impact

Since 2002 the SCA has evolved and adapted, listening to and looking for our community’s needs, then finding ways to expand and enrich our services to fit those needs. The SCA family — artists, leaders, volunteers, students, performers, and patrons — has invested millions of hours of service and dollars, building an innovative, responsive, forward-looking organization. Now at the 20-year mark, we begin to see the outlines of enduring impact … on partner businesses and organizations, on individual lives, on our West Michigan community. And so we’re gearing up for the next two decades of impact!

Creating Purposeful Entertainment

We believe in the magic at the intersection of bold entertainment, powerful exhibitions, meaningful education, and the creative outdoors. In celebration of our 20th year, we’re creating big, colorful, and explosive events all year long — and ushering in excitement and joy. But entertainment at the SCA runs deeper than the dazzle of the performance. Every production in the theater, concert on the stage, market in the plaza, and class in the studio is consciously curated to inspire and nurture curiosity, and build connections and bridges.

We’re marking 20 years of service and looking ahead to the next 20 years of impact.


This Week at the SCA

The Saugatuck Center for the Arts connects people, sparks conversation, and builds community through a bold mix of entertaining, educational, and inspiring creative experiences.

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