A non-stop weekend in Saugatuck

We're not letting summer slip away without bringing events and moments to challenge you, move you, and entertain you.

We’re going to MOVE your brain with an open panel discussion on systemic racism with SCA Visiting Artist, Sandra Antongiorgi and special guests on Thursday, September 9th.

Then join us on Friday, September 10th to MOVE your body to the swingin’ sounds of Kalamazoo-based Kanola Band!

Voices Beyond the Canvas: Amplifying a New Narrative


An open panel discussion on systemic racism

Join us for an evening of discussion, insight, questions and more as we hear from the voices beyond the canvas. You will hear from artist Sandra Antongiorgi and trauma-informed specialist Elena Quintana and special guests, Orlando Mayorga and Joseph Mapp, as they unpack the racial complexities and narratives behind the portraits of the Cages Rooster series. This series highlights the injustices, trauma and often silent suffering inflicted on incarcerated youth and invites us all to reflect on these injustices and learn new ways to amplify new narratives.

All open minds are welcome, no registration is required.

Kanola Band


We’re closing out the summer with a party on our outdoor Plaza on September 10th as the Kanola Band brings the good-time sounds of New Orleans to Saugatuck!

The Kanola Band brings together some of the most experienced, diverse musicians in the Midwest Jazz scene to pay tribute to the great music and heritage of the Big Easy. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for groovin’ zydeco, traditional Dixieland, soulful funk and more.

Bring your own chairs, add food vendors plus craft beverages from our bar and get ready to let the good times roll! Get tickets today!

But don't leave town just yet!

We’re not the only ones with a full schedule of events this weekend – there’s MORE happening in Saugatuck/Douglas to look forward to!

Close out this summer with an incredible firework show provided by The Rotary Club of Saugatuck/Douglas – a celebration of our interdependence by honoring first responders, frontline workers, and every worker who tries hard to serve others well on Friday, September 10th at dusk.

PLUS, dig out your running shoes and join the Mt. Baldhead Challenge on Saturday, September 11th, where 100% of proceeds are donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Saugatuck/Douglas.


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