20 Years On Purpose

We’re looking down the road to our 20th Anniversary in 2022.

For the last 20 years, the SCA has been a place to gather, celebrate, and grow. During that time, we’ve worked hard, building and expanding our campus, team, and reach, so we can share the diverse experiences the arts provide with more people.

As with most stories, it hasn’t always been an easy ride. But struggle brings resilience, and challenges allow us to serve as a catalyst for change in our community, and beyond.

In the upcoming year, we’ll be continuing our work in the community (and beyond) through innovative education, powerful exhibitions, creative outdoor events, and bold entertainment … and we want to share a taste of what you have to look forward to next year at the SCA!

A year of purposeful entertainment

We are amping up our 20th anniversary with a bigger, bolder summer season. That means more color, more music, more excitement, more community!

In fact, cue the confetti cannons: we’re opening our 2022 theater season with the award-winning Broadway smash hit Legally Blonde.

You may have seen the movie or read the book, but we promise you’ve never experienced Legally Blonde like it will be on the SCA stage! A sorority-sister valley girl goes to Harvard Law to get her boyfriend back, and ends up defying expectations while staying true to herself. You’ll want to bring the whole family for this hilarious Broadway musical telling stories of female empowerment and following your dreams.

But we won't stop there

Hopefully you know by now that the SCA isn’t just about entertainment. For 20 years, the SCA has brought people from around the globe together through visual art, performances, and educational experiences. We’ve also connected you with neighbors, local businesses and organizations, new friends, and other families.

On top of our dynamic education and exhibition programming, in 2022 we’re serving up a unique, artful installation experience with the power to connect all of us. In fact, we’ll be looping together Saugatuck, Douglas, and Fennville with a deeply meaningful, interactive, tri-community exhibition project.

Throughout the next several months, we’ll be releasing more information about what the next year holds, and how we will be transforming lives through the diverse experiences the arts provide. In the meantime, you can dive into our 20th anniversary and start creating community by CLICKING HERE or…


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