This is growth

This is the SCA This is GROWTH

What if you could be entertained AND also challenged, provoked, motivated, inspired, and connected? The arts have long been a door opening up a world of different possibilities and new experiences.

Hopefully by now you know the SCA isn’t just about entertainment. At the SCA, growth is found in the most unexpected places. Skills are gained in camps and classes year round by learners of all ages. Mental strengths are formed and confidences are built through creative hands-on programming.

For the last 20 years, the SCA has brought people from around the globe together through visual art, performances, and educational experiences. These experiences and connections have opened up new points of view, new abilities, and new understanding.

Growth isn’t just physical – it’s so much deeper. Won’t you come plant your roots and grow with us?

What does our programming support?

Every event, concert, performance, class, and transaction at the SCA is flipped back to provide services for our community. From FREE year-round programming for local schools to scholarships for kids camps + classes, or housing for interns to FREE performance tickets for students… your ticket supports helping transform the lives of local kids.

Thank you, we simply couldn’t continue this work without your generous support.

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The Saugatuck Center for the Arts connects people, sparks conversation, and builds community through a bold mix of entertaining, educational, and inspiring creative experiences.

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