SCA Signature Sponsors

The Saugatuck Center for the Arts serves our community through bold entertainment, inspirational education, and unexpected engagement. Extraordinary things happen at the SCA because of these Community Heroes who are generously investing in our mission and programming.


We hope you take note and give extra love to these leaders. Say thanks next time you see them, choose to shop at their business, give them a shout out on social media, tell your friends.

SCA Signature Sponsors

Perrigo Logo

Michelle & Bob Fish

Stephen Kiss

Michelle & Bob Fish

Jim Sellman

Sharrie & Wayne Wellman

SCA Signature Sponsors

Wade Rouse & Gary Edwards

Gregg Smith

SCA Signature Sponsors

Victor Cardona & Phil Smith

Kathleen Markland


Visionary Partners ($20,000+ annually)

Angela & Pat Scripps

Jeff Antaya & Peter Rosenfeld

Bud Baty & Max Matteson

G Thomas Boylan

Richard Heriford & Guy Ballard

Andy Knight & Beau Gratzer

Jennifer Roe

Skip Schipper

Jim Sellman

Mary Kay & Mark Baker

Sarah & Murray Kessler


We’re grateful for generous operational support that underpins our mission and programming for the community.

Community Partners ($10,000+ annually)


Mike Akey

Gina & John Armstrong

Marlo & Tom Byrne

Jerry Carpency

Keith Walker

Deb Minton & Terri Osborne

Angela & Bob Knauss

Kirbie Petersen & Brian Stephens

Patsy & Randy Ramsey

Sharrie & Wayne Wellman