SCA Closures, Virtual Programs and a Big Thanks

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Beginning Wednesday, November 18, the Saugatuck Center for the Arts will be closed to the public until December 8th in order to comply with the newest restrictions set forward by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

Due to these mandates, all in-person events at the SCA, including the Winter’s Eve Market & Holiday Market will be cancelled. At this point, we are uncertain if we will be able to reschedule these events for this year.

We know that you were really counting on us to help you out with your holiday shopping, so don’t worry – we’ve still got you covered. Even though you can’t shop with our vendors in person this holiday season, you can still support local and buy online! We have put together a guide (below) to all of our vendor’s virtual stores so you can still find those unique, beautiful gifts for your friends and families.

Plus, art has always been an escape when you need a break, and that’s still the case. If you want to support the SCA and the Saugatuck/Douglas community, here’s a few ways to continue to do so, even through the pause.

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Online and Unplugged & Post Show Q&A

Join Emmy Winning, Tony and Golden Globe Nominated actor Jeff Daniels for an intimate live streamed concert on December 16th full of original music, stellar guitar work, and stories from his long career.

And a BIG BONUS – a live Q&A session will follow the performance!

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Megan Altieri’s Sonder exhibit shares the profound realization that everyone, including strangers passing by on the street, has a life as vivid and complex as one’s own. Though social distancing may keep us apart, you can still look at the world through someone else’s lens by exploring this exhibit virtually.

This is a challenging time, but we’ll hold tightly to the things that make the SCA what it is, and this community what it is. We’ll focus on empathy, compassion, and creative curiosity. We’re all in this together. Stay safe and be well.

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Virtual Film & Post Screening Conversation
December 10th, 2020, 7:30PM

The Need to Grow
In a race against the end of farmable soil, three individuals fight for change in the industry of agricultural food production, calling for a revolution.

with hand-selected, locally sourced products from Pennyroyal Café & Provisions! Upgrade your General Admission ticket to Deluxe and enjoy an At-Home Provision Package.

The Need to Grow delivers alarming evidence on the importance of healthy soil — revealing not only the potential of localized food production working with nature, but our opportunity as individuals to help regenerate our planet’s dying soils and participate in the restoration of the Earth. This film explores both the opportunities, and the struggles, of challenging the status quo with real world solutions.

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Saugatuck Center for the Arts “Friendors” (that’s a vendor, who’s also a friend):

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Adventure Textiles  – Fiber Arts
Adventuretoo – Wood Products
Annie Did It – Glass Art
Aron Lowe – Quirky Needle Felting
Beemo textiles – Handcrafted Linens
Bettys Blessings – Handcrafted Sewing Goods
Bevel Designs – Designer Totes and more
Esmie’s Cabinet – Luxury Lotions
Flying Trout Works – Art, Design and Printing
Hinterland Farm & Kitchen – Organic Goods
Houdini’s Fudge – Handmade Fudge
Hubbert’s Kettle Corn – Kettle Corn
Kahoona’s Kitchen  – Healthy Vegan Snacks
Kenn Vidro Art – “Square Pears” kids cartoons
Leche & Lavender – Goat’s Milk Soap
Messy Jessy’s Signs – Farmhouse and Holiday Decor
MG Design
Moon Medicine Therapeutics – Holistic Pain & Stress Release
Outdoor Expressions – Garden & Home Wares

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Polly Poms Pom Hats
Pups Barkery – Natural Dog Treats
Quilting Fabrics in Time
Rainy Day Textiles – Handwoven Goods
Rich & Maple – Coconut Wax Candles
Rock Creations
Silverfish Designs – Handmade Jewelry
Sisters Soap Kitchen  – Handcrafted Bath Luxuries
Southern Bale – Jewelry & Accessories
Little Sparrow Jewelry Shoppe – Handcrafted Jewelry
Thornburg and Company – MI Gourmet Specialty Foods
Vibe Aroma – Handcrafted Goods
Warm Oven Bakehouse – Baked Goods
ZCashmere by Sue Fleming – Cashmere Products


With Special Shout out to:
Silly Sausage – Food Truck
Douglas Park Project
Saugatuck-Douglas History Center

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