Saugatuck Center for the Arts Announces their Second “SCA [NOW]: Classroom Conversations” with StrikeTime Dance Theater at Hope College

Saugatuck, Michigan – For years, the Saugatuck Center for the Arts has provided creative, multidisciplinary educational programming for K-12th graders. Until now, these programs have been tethered to West Michigan (hosted at the SCA or at your school) but Covid’s constraints have challenged us to reshape, reformat, and humanize the virtual educational experience. SCA [NOW] is the merger of two powerful forces – connection and creativity – coming to you here and now, wherever you are.

Like the spoke of a bicycle wheel, SCA [NOW] Classroom Conversations, is your connectivity hub for highly-interactive, interdisciplinary learning that promotes positive social-emotional impact through a deep dive in creativity — exposing students to a wide range of professional creatives and hands-on experiences.

Through its mission and practicum, the program promotes empathy, vulnerability, civic engagement, and adaptability. Through this important work, SCA [NOW] is moving children’s arts programming in West Michigan (and beyond) forward!

Each series includes videos and accompanying program materials with numerous Common Core Language Arts Standards, that will creatively meet students’ needs as well as the needs of the teachers who share them with their students. Youth (K-12th) will meet professional working artists, actors, musicians, chefs, dancers, and more; real-world role models and inspire them to take action to make the world a better place. Plus, learning about a wide variety of creative career paths.


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