Sail Into Summer

How to reuse and recycle your paper to create fun and creative projects:

Design a Mini Art Book

Design a miniature book! Keep it in your pocket, tuck it in a sketchbook, or give it away to a friend– the choice is yours.

You’ll need: Paper provided, scissors, crayon or other drawing utensil, BIG ideas!

*How-to fold 8 page miniature zine graphic

Some potential book ideas…

  • Tell a story with a beginning, middle and end 
  • Make a list of your FAVORITE or LEAST FAVORITE parts about summer
  • For each page, draw one day of the week!

Sail Into Summer

Reuse this paper and fold it into a sailboat!

Share your finished projects with us! Tag us on instagram using @saugatuck_arts or #SaugatuckEducation


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