Adventure: Stories of Impact

Household Adventure Ticket: $35

The heart of Mountainfilm beats for adventure and celebrates the indomitable human spirit. Scope it, shred it, send it and tell it — these films tell the story of hard-chargers. This collection of short films tells stories of those who did not give up, back down or let their challenges define them.

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Image Credit: River Surfer

The Adventure playlist features 12 epic shorts, that include:

A Prayer For Joshua Jackson

What do you do when the dream you’ve spent your entire life working toward is taken away in a moment? It’s a challenge race car driver Joshua Jackson must navigate, after his promising career comes to a screeching halt.

A Surfers Search

You can take the classic “nerdy skinny kid” out of Newport Beach and move him to Wisconsin, where he’ll grow up and have children, and he will still find a way to surf – on Lake Superior, in winter, at the age of 60.

Myrtle Simpson: A Life On Ice

As she approaches 90 years old, Simpson vividly recounts her adventures on the ice and finally receives the Polar Medal from Queen Elizabeth 50 years after she became the first woman to cross Greenland’s polar ice cap.

Choke Chaser

With a filter that is oh-so-California, this film — which was shot on Kodak film — celebrates young women athletes breaking into sports long dominated by men. They are skateboarders, surfers and longboarders. “Headstrong is a word reserved for girls who break the mold,” one says. “And the mold is to play it safe.”