Intermission is OVER, Theater at the SCA moves INDOORS

After 18 long months, the Saugatuck Center for the Arts (SCA) is enthusiastically making the move back into the theater for INDOOR performances beginning on July 21 with Dixie’s Tupperware Party.

The SCA has quickly pivoted to adapt to pandemic-related restrictions, making adjustments to all of its programming including education, performance, and exhibitions. Throughout this time, new protocols kept guests safe while still maintaining the critical work that the SCA provides year-round.

Outdoor performances at the SCA first began in the summer of 2020 with a variety of concerts plus two Oh What a Night! theatrical reviews; ultimately resulting in the renovation of the parking lot into the Plaza with its outdoor stage. With Covid restrictions still in place at the start of summer 2021, Shout! The Mod Musical opened on the outdoor Plaza stage.

As of June 22, 2021, the Michigan Department of Health lifted all state-mandated Covid Safety Measures. With this shift, the SCA asked its ticket holders about their comfort level returning to indoor performances. The overwhelming majority (92%) responded to the survey saying they would be comfortable moving back inside.

“We’ve been looking forward to, and preparing for, the return to indoor performance. Now that we are able, we’re thrilled to pivot to provide the best experience for our guests,” said SCA Executive Director Kristin Armstrong. “The comfort and safety of our guests has always been our top priority, and as a result we’ve put new measures in place in preparation for this reopening.”

New measures and protocols include:

Air Purification – An iWave air purification system has been installed throughout the building. This advanced technology significantly reduces pathogens (including the Covid-19 virus), allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air providing the most effective air purification method for your health and safety.

Vaccination – All SCA staff interacting patrons have been fully vaccinated. All SCA performers have been fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated guests are still encouraged to wear a mask during indoor performances.

Antimicrobial Surface Treatment – All hard and soft surfaces at the SCA, including the theater, have been treated with MicrobeCare, a patented, EPA-registered antimicrobial coating that helps reduce the spread of infection and cross contamination of dangerous microorganisms. MicrobeCare is non-toxic and has FDA approval.

Theater Seating – The SCA theater seats 410 guests. No more than 350 tickets will be sold for this summer’s indoor performances, ensuring opportunities for open seats.

SCA Artistic Director Kurt Stamm noted that the return to indoor performance eliminates tricky outdoor variables like weather and noise. “The outdoor Plaza option was wonderful and we certainly made the best of it,” Stamm said. “At the same time, our performers and I are excited to give guests an outstanding controlled indoor experience once again. Moving our final two productions inside the theater allows us to provide the best possible show for our audience in our comfortable, temperature regulated environment.”

Activity continues in the Plaza, including the remainder of SHOUT! The Mod Musical performances, all Tuesday & Friday Markets, the annual Summer Benefit (August 28), and the live outdoor concert featuring Kalamazoo-based Kanola Band (September 9). The Outdoor Plaza Stage also serves as a beautiful event space for weddings and private gatherings.

In the future, outdoor concerts will continue to take place at the SCA – along with a plethora of events, gatherings, and classes on this creative and inspiring outdoor space.

“Thanks to the introduction of the Plaza we have an incredible, flexible outdoor space for entertainment, education, and special events — which augments our terrific indoor spaces,” Armstrong said. “With “intermission over”, so to speak, we’re thrilled to welcome guests back into the theater for the complete SCA experience.”

Current ticket holders, please note:

  • The remaining performances of “SHOUT! The Mod Musical” will continue to be held outdoors on the Plaza Stage.
  • Paula Poundstone (July 15) will be indoors with RESERVED SEATING based on original ticket sales.
  • Beginning July 21 with “Dixie’s Tupperware Party” all remaining 2021 summer performances will be INDOOR and GENERAL ADMISSION (unless otherwise noted).

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