Winter`s Eve

Join us for the perfect night of artisan craft cocktails, Michigan made wares, and cool tunes under the lights at the SCA. Grab a snack and one of our unique cold-weather inspired drinks to enjoy while you stroll through the booths of local top-notch creatives featuring artisan housewares and decor, hand-crafted wearables, treats for you and your pets, and MORE!

Nov 19, 9:00 am


Come for the drinks, stay for the shopping!

Enjoy an open air shopping experience under the lights at the SCA with artisan craft cocktails, Michigan made wares, and live music. Stroll through art, fine-craft, and artisan edible products in the Outdoor Plaza at the SCA. Before you get started shopping, grab one of our specialty craft cocktails at the bar to enjoy while you’re browsing our incredible friendors (that’s what we call a vendor who’s also a friend). You could get started on your holiday shopping while at the Winter Market – or just get a little something for yourself, we won’t tell.

The best part? All of our Friendors are LOCAL crafters, growers, and producers

So you can support more than 35 small businesses all in one place!

Specialty Craft Cocktails

We’ll be getting in the spirit of Fall with several specialty craft cocktails.

Whether you prefer to have a cold cocktail with ice clinking in your hand or a warm mixed drink, we’ll have something just for you.

Your safety is important to us.

For the safety of our customers and patrons, we are monitoring state guidelines regarding COVID-19 and outdoor gatherings. Safety restrictions will be in place and clearly posted at all markets.

Please contact us at or call (269) 857-2399 with any questions or concerns. Regulations are subject to change and vendors will be notified accordingly. Please remember that customer safety has always been, and will continue to be, our top priority as a Market. Thank you for your cooperation!


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