The Exhibit

Tight Spots

Specifically feeble and precisely precarious, my work translates elements of daily life. Moods, guilt, sensations, monotony, accumulation, and change are given bodies in objects and represented in gestures. Spaces of the mind are realized in physical form and daydreams animated in real space. Up close and in combination, these pieces begin to represent the fluidity and contradictions of the everyday.

As an exhibition, Tight Spots investigates moods and spaces from the COVID-19 pandemic. “A tight spot” refers to a particularly difficult or awkward situation—especially one that is not easy to get out of. This work explores this idiom through monotonous, but rigorous motion, interconnected gestures, and rendered forms based on random composition. There are spots being scrubbed, hovering in space, and staining the page. 

Overdo It

Humor and empathy meet in Overdo It as each small towel sculpture toils away, “head down” working endlessly in an absurd yet relatable performance. As each piece in the installation works individually, yet in a similar manner, relationships are formed through space. The overtone is humorous, the undertone is the heavy monotony of tasks from home or the churning of an anxious mind.

Scatter Plot

During the shelter in place order in the spring of 2020, I engaged in a daily drawing practice. The growing pile of drawings accumulated like tick marks showing time and progress in physical form. The practice allowed me to reflect on the confined, safe and often chaotic space of my home as every section of life got layered on top of one another. Multiple series came from the daily practice including the Scatter Plot series exhibited here. While drawing from home, studio detritus was scattered on the page and carefully rendered in situ. The cast off nature of the crumbs and bits as well as the randomness of the scattered composition contrasts with careful rendering. The drawings felt connected to the randomness and permanence of each of our positions while sheltering in place.

Given Situation

Given Situation is a mobile that mimics the motion of flies swarming. The motion of each “fly” is connected to those around it creating a visual manifestation of interdependence. It references the highly coordinated manner in which a colony can move. Group coordination can be quite simple yet extremely effective toward solving complex problems (like an ant finding the shortest distance to food and others following that trail). At the same time, the presence of bugs can indicate deterioration and change. The “flies” are coated in black wax melted from birthday candles which references celebration as well as the passing of time.

The work in Tight Spots emerges from disorienting times and embodies trust in the creative process. It acknowledges struggle and activates negative spaces (aka physical distance). There is depth, connection, imagination and dirt.


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