Mini-Maker Mondays: Adventure

Mini-Maker Mondays are back! In partnership with Hope College dance department, Mini-makers will explore sensory play, movement, and art activities. Let’s go on an adventure! Join us for a morning of traveling and exploring. Mini-Makers will “hike” and explore the SCA while learning folktales telling stories of far away places. Each session includes storytime, dance movement and process-based hands-on art stations.

Jul 05, 10:00 am - 11:30 am

About The Program

Small hands, big art! Young, exploratory artists have the opportunity to express themselves through sensory play, exploring the wonders of color, light, animals, weather, shapes, nature and more! With a brush in one hand and a squirt bottle in the other, our little makers will be moving, seeing, creating and discovering new things about the big world around them. Let’s go on an adventure! Join us for a morning of traveling and exploring far away places. Mini-Makers will submerge into folktales with Nicole Flinn from the Hope College Dance department, “hike” around the SCA, and create their own treasure maps! Each session includes storytime, dance movement and process-based hands-on art stations.

Our Guest Artist

Nicole Flinn is a dance instructor at Hope College and leader of Strike Time Dance Company. Strike Time Dance Company works with grades K–6 throughout Michigan to introduce and highlight dance for children of all backgrounds. Find more information at

Mini Makers will experience:

  • INDEPENDENCE: Provocations stations  — to provoke wonder 
  • ENGAGEMENT: ALL their senses — hands-on stations that teach to each . 
  • CHOICE: Not being forced to create — purely being enticed or invited to make something with the materials provided.


ARTMAKING ENCOURAGES NEURAL CONNECTIONS | Art is an activity that can employ all the senses—sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste—depending on the activity. Children’s brain synapses fire away as they experiment and create, squishing paint between their fingers, mixing colors and materials, or drawing from imagination or what they see in front of them.

ART BUILDS FINE MOTOR SKILLS | Gripping a paintbrush, drawing dots and lines, mixing colors, cutting with scissors, controlling a glue stick or squeezing a glue bottle, kneading and rolling playdough, tearing paper—all of these tasks require increasing amounts of dexterity and coordination, yet they are so fun and rewarding that children want to do them over and over. As kids engage in art activities over time, their fine motor skills improve.

CREATING ART IMPROVES SOCIAL SKILLS | Studies have shown that children who explore and participate in creative and artistic outlets perform better at reading, writing and math; develop self-confidence and self-esteem; boost self-reliance; and increase empathy and compassion. Artmaking can also help your child communicate emotions and feelings more effectively.

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