The Exhibit

Ink & Pressure

This exhibit is a textile showcase by a self taught artist featuring linen tapestries, pillows, and paper collage. Each textile piece is block-printed, hand painted, and/or dyed by the artist. Each image is carved by the artist. Each piece represents the artist’s perception of beauty using texture and color. All pieces are one of a kind!


A reflection from Brie

“In this moment resiliency, for me, has been wrapped into the idea of just doing each day as its own; one step in front of the other. As a mother, a partner, and a small business owner with a home studio; living through a pandemic has looked like something different every day. To be resilient through change in ones life is to continue rowing the river as the river comes. Some days you are rowing with every muscle in your body screaming and some days you can sit and let the river move your boat with calm, you can dip your hands, you can appreciate the sunshine.” 


The View From Inside


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