Earth-Dig it!

Get your hands dirty and play in the soil, sand, and clay! Each day of this 4-day program features a different creative project and professional artist including Scotty Jacobs, Angie Novak, and Sayde Anderson. Tuesday – Thursday will take place at the SCA, Friday at the Outdoor Discovery Center.

June 13-16 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


June 13-16 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


About The Program

Spend four fun-filled days digging into all kinds of creative projects as we celebrate our magnificent planet earth. Get your hands dirty and play in soil, sand, and clay! Each day features a different creative project that is rooted in nature. Plant flowers and decorate your own container with garden creator Scotty Jacobs, go beachcombing in the sand at Oval Beach for treasures and make upcycled creations with artist Angie Novak. Play and sculpt with clay, and paint with all-natural dyes and materials with artist Sayde Anderson. Unearth some inspiration and make something beautiful!

*Tuesday – Thursday drop-off and pick-up is at the SCA, and Friday drop-off and pick-up will be at the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland.

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Angie Novak

Artist Angie Novak creates works of wearable art from beachcombed treasures.  Her inspired designs preserve pieces from our diverse midwest beaches. She’s especially fond of colorful sand, smooth tumbled stones, beachglass, and fossils.

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Scotty Jacobs

Scotty Jacobs

Scotty Jacobs – once an uneducated minimum wage landscape laborer who’s since grown into a boutique garden creator, community builder, creative collaborator & 2022 Artist in Residence at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.

Scotty’s personalized approach is rooted in enthusiasm and service to others. A concierge style that has clients falling in love and growing closer with their gardens and communities. Intentionally curating visions for outdoor living spaces that encourage personal growth, self-improvement and social joy.

After 15 years of digging in the dirt, Scotty has also expanded on sharing his journey of self-improvement and other personal creative endeavors – cooking, writing, painting, kettlebell exercises, public speaking, community building & educating. His collaborations include: pop-up food socials, inspirational/motivational copy creation, personal art trading, community art installations, wedding officiating, garden & nature based workshops.

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Sayde Anderson

Sayde Anderson

Sayde Laine Anderson is a fiber artist, community builder, and maker working across disciplines to explore environmental and social issues through traditional craft techniques based in Durham, North Carolina. Her work is inspired by rethinking the relationship between art, sustainability, and the land. 

She has been experimenting with natural dyes for the past six years and continues to find herself eager to explore the intersection of natural materials and plant color. The curiosity and wonder of her childhood continue to ground her practice. She enjoys exploring forests and fields where she lives in Durham, North Carolina, curious to see what plants or natural materials can extract a colorfast dye. Sayde forages for and grows dye plants in her neighborhood and partners with a local flower farm. Throughout this process, she often uses whole plants rather than extracts, so she has grown to understand the seasonal availability, growth cycles, and color potential of plants native to North Carolina. This knowledge allows her to develop color palettes specific to the seasons of the year and enables her to connect with the cycle of seasonal ecologies—both of which are foundational to her body of work. 

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In Partnership with the Outdoor Discovery Center

The Outdoor Discovery Center is advancing outdoor education and conservation in West Michigan. Their inquiry-based style of programming allows students to learn about and experience nature and culture in a hands-on manner with offerings for all ages and audiences.

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