We Tried That: Summer Wrap Up

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Thanks for checking in for our final summer We Tried That blog post! We rounded out a wonderful summer of programming with a variety of compelling camps.

During Folk-Tastic with Claire Wellin, kids channeled their inner Wassily Kandinsky by exploring the relationship between sounds and mark-making. They began by doodling to silly household sounds before moving on to drawing, painting, and building to the live music of visiting musician Claire Wellin. They wrapped up the camp with a dance party, during which Claire made music based off of their movement. Needless to say, this interdisciplinary camp allowed kids to experience both music and art in an entirely fresh way.

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At our Farm to Kitchen camp, kids began their morning by visiting Evergreen Lane Farm & Creamery to tour the farm with owner Cathy Halinski, meet the goats, and learn about the cheese making process. Then students then headed to The Farmhouse Deli to work alongside chef Christine Ferris to create Macaroni and Cheese using cheese from Evergreen Lane. They left with full bellies and a killer recipe to replicate at home. Basically, it was every kid’s dream!

Our Toddler Tuesday learning continued on July 23, July 30, August 6, and August 13. During these weeks we learned about Weather, created with Everyday Objects, experienced Our Senses, and conducted Weird Science. These sessions are not only chuck full of playful fun- they also include projects that help hone different developmental skills. If you are local and interested in year-round programming for your toddler, please feel free to email erindrews@sc4a.org.

We continued the musical fun with musician and actor, Chris Blisset, during Makin’ Music with Red: a camp where kids formed a band, learned about the songwriting process, and wrote lyrics inspired by silly details in their everyday lives. Their band, Eeew, Turtles! wrote and recorded a song, “A Good Day,” that was then sent to the kids to enjoy with their families again and again.

Both The Art of Storytelling and Comic Creation allowed students to explore character development and story writing. During The Art of Storytelling, students used altered vintage postcards to prompt fun, fictional first-person narratives. Then they spent the following two days creating a storyline and script from the personfied perspective of six everyday objects before performing their short play, The Average Move. Needless to say, their talent was far above average.

A few days later, Illustrator Rayne Klar led a fearless group of kids in Comic Creation, sharing how to convey emotion while drawing and developing characters. Kids talked about storylines and characters that they enjoy in media before creating their own comic zines.

Did you know that paint can be electric?? We didn’t either until we wrapped up our summer programming with our What Makes You Glow Camp. In this three-day workshop led by Storied Drawing exhibition artists, Libby VanderPloeg and Ginnie Hsu, kids explored emotion in Art History before creating their own emotion-based drawings with Libby. Then Ginnie worked with the kids to create circuit boards using batteries, LED lights and conductive paint, before adding lights to their emotion-based drawings. It was a de-LIGHT-ful way to end our summer.

Thank you for following all of our wonderful summer fun! Between our onsite programs, visiting student groups, and our offsite Growing Young Artists program, we were able to serve hundreds of children this summer with joy-filled creative experiences.


Summer is coming to a close, but at the SCA the creative fun doesn’t stop when the leaves begin to change!

Remember our Jump Into Summer event at the beginning of summer? We have an equally fun event for the whole family upon the opening of our interactive, light-infused Luminescence show. Kick-off the Halloween festivities with us Friday, October 18, at a party under our pavilion from 6:30-9:00. You’ll have the chance to enjoy this unique indoor-outdoor experience full of live music from Detroit-based art-rock quartet Saajtak, local food, cash bar, and hands-on art projects & glow in the dark face paint for children and families. It’s fall fun that you won’t want to miss. We hope to see you there!



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