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Pure Michigan
This past winter & spring the SCA had the privilege of working with 7 Saugatuck High School students in a collaborative project based learning program. The topic: human sex trafficking.

These Saugatuck High School students had the opportunity to attend a bill signing with Gov. Snyder on April 13!  They were introduced by Rep. Mary Whiteford on the House floor, then presented the educational video they created to the Senate Families, Seniors, and Human Services Committee. Finally they joined the governor in the signing of House Bill 5107 which requires the National Human Trafficking Hotline phone number to be posted throughout Michigan.

This was a tremendous opportunity for the students to share their research via a Statewide platform.

Part of our model for PBL (and all our SCA programs) is deep evaluation. We asked the “Board of Justice” students to reflect on their PBL experiece.

“Project Based Learning prepared me for college unlike any other class. The experience really helped me improve my soft skills like communication, public speaking, teamwork, and many others.  It also helped me develop leadership skills.”  - Alex Kruithof, attending Northern Michigan University

“The community presentations were a big part of the class – learning to do that yourself would have been terrifying. But working with a group you learn to trust and depend on your group members. These are also valuable business skill to have later in life.”  - Mikey Gale, attending Grand Valley State University

“This experience helped me come into my own as a person by asserting myself is business situations and when interacting with professionals. The entire trimester of learning will really help in college because I know that I can hold my own and feel comfortable interacting with my peers and adults. Also through PBL I have learned to be a leader and I now have a desire to continue to take on leadership positions throughout my college career.  - Lauren Squire, undecided

The SCA is committed to project based learning as a way to prepare our young people for today’s 21st century innovation economy. This student feedback reinforces that PBL is a tremendously effective model.