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Pure Michigan

Artist in Residence: Rubén Aguirre

All Summer Long

Rubén Aguirreour Artist in Residence for 2017, will be working with students in our “Growing Young Artists” program, and to mark our 15th Anniversary, painting a mural on the west side of the SCA building. 
During Growing Young Artists in July, he will work with 100 Pre-K-8th graders, helping them create painted pieces that will become part of the SCA’s mural. Local children and community  members will also make their mark on the mural during summer programming.

Rubén is a Chicago-based painter who has transitioned from graffiti artist to abstract painter/contemporary muralist. He has produced a number of murals in the Chicago area, New York, Berlin, Mexico DF, Guadalajara, Memphis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Denver, Amsterdam, San Juan, Aguadilla and recently Brazil.  His work is an intersection of abstract graffiti, design, and contemporary muralism.  

With traces of typographic letter structure from his graffiti roots, Rubén’s work is informed by architecture and plays with re-imagining public space, while investigating pattern, texture and color field through the use of the spray can. This carries through his studio work while further exploring materials (i.e., latex, wood, paper). He has exhibited in The National Museum of Mexican Art, the Hyde Park Art Center and the Chicago Cultural Center.

"Chicago neighborhoods became my studio and taught me the ability to use painting to re-contextualize existing structures and environments. The unexpected beauty and intention of painting publicly has the power to change the perception of ignored neighborhoods and spaces. While graffiti was all about making myself known as an individual, my current work embraces contemplation on a space’s use, history, and people to re-imagine and create a public visual language.”