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Pure Michigan

Summer in the Studio: John Latini

August 21
8:00 PM

“This guy has an amazing voice, a resonating baritone that handles blues, soul, and good old fashioned rock and roll with ease. It’s one of those voices that you can get lost in the layers and you discover subtle nuances with every re-listen.” – Professor Johnny P’s Juke Joint
In addition to being a serious crafter of clever, literate songs, John Latini is the purveyor of a slick, blues-soaked, economically hard-driving guitar style.  With an honest, straight-ahead, no-nonsense commitment to real songs about real people, he knows that all the best American music flowers from blues roots; folk and blues go arm in arm in his music like the blood brothers they are.  Three-time Detroit Blues champ, he’s an intense, incandescent performer.  "Recalling the raspy, liquor-soaked growl of Tom Waits, Latini's soulfully controlled vocals animate the stories of the songs.  At once smooth and rough, his singing sounds alternately celebratory, remorseful, seductive and dangerous,” says the Ann Arbor Observer.
Latini may have grown up in Queens, New York, but he’s as truly a son of Michigan as if he’d been issued a passport.  It’s not just that this singing, songwriting, guitar-slinging, uber-performing bluesman seems to be a perennial nominee for every Southeast Michigan music award, and winner of many, including the Metro Detroit Songwriting Grand Prize in 2004, the Detroit Blues Challenge winner in both 2008 and 2009, and songwriting honors in North Carolina and Texas.

Sponsored by: David Hulst / Coldwell Banker & Carol & Greg Josefowicz